L'oreal Car Free Day x Beauty Journal

sunday morning is here and i'm feeling ecstatic!

at this very bright day, i've got the chance to spend it with L'oreal for something fun at sudirman's car free day.

honestly, i'm not a very sporty folk who'd like to spend her beautiful (and lazy) sunday morning in car free day. but, one said that i will definitely regret not going to this event, so i packed up my stuffs early and arrived at exactly 6am.

i was not expecting a very heavy exercise to start the day, probably a short run - or walk will do. surprisingly, pound fit awaits!

accompanied by the lovely Tynna Kana Mirdad, we all had a pretty fun exercise. sweating like - damn hard, but feeling extremely happy AND still looking on point.

here's a secret why.


yes, it's definitely my long-lost savior!

i think it's common knowledge that sunscreen is essential for our daily life. not using it will cause tons of harmful effect like sunburn, premature aging (like wrinkles & leathery skin), and even skin cancer! now that being introduced with L'oreal Matte & Fresh Sunscreen, i felt like meeting my soulmate!

i've made a couple reviews for its amazing-ness in my instagram & believe me, it's that great.

Tynna Kanna Mirdad is looking stunning despite how hot that morning was

before the exercise (excited and still have the power to pose)

after photo (sweat like... shit!)

you know you can always go to SOCIOLLA to purchase it!



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