beauty brings out the strength within

inner beauty, 
i think it's pretty common that people nowadays have a different view of beauty.
being beauty isn't merely from the outside look, but it also comes from the inside.

some folks might not able to foresee it, but if you pay attention closely; a person who has a beautiful soul will shine in her own way. it captivates your attention and suddenly your eyes will follow this person's persona.

inner beauty can come from a positive mind, a positive attitude, and not to mention, it can be built from a healthy lifestyle.
eating clean food and exercise routinely are part of this inner beauty game. they will help you transform to a better person; a new, beautiful person.

a couple weeks ago, i got reminded that the importance of having a healthy lifestyle is very crucial. 
although i hate to admit it, i never got out for an exercise anymore. i've been lazing around & didn't even bother to walk & use public transportation.
long story short, i was invited to Shiseido's healthy 'party' where they invited me to join their yoga class. honestly, i was unsure at first since yoga wasn't really my thing. but when i came there, i realized i made the right choice.

before the yoga class started, Shiseido Cosmetics Indonesia firstly introduced Ultimune 2.0 as their latest skin care which formula has been revised & improved. Ultimune 2.0 has been designed for urban women who are tough & wanting to keep their healthy skin under this stressful world.
when i first heard of it, i was like, 'oh okay, this is so me!'
other than neglecting my exercise habit, i also started to lose my skincare routine.
due to my very busy schedule that keeps me awake til late, i tend to sleep without having to wash & rejuvenate my face.

to get myself more educated, Shiseido explained that Ultimune 2.0 was improved under a 25-years research using the technology ImuGeneration which combines Reishi Mushroom & Iris Root which will arouse the Langerhans growth cell. it's able to increase the ability of skin to protect itself.

now folks, let's sneak a peek the fun things i did during the event!

Prisia Nasution, as Shiseido Indonesia Brand Ambassador
now can you feel the aura of her inner beauty? i even felt so calm just by seeing her smile.

throughout her career & life journey, she still keeps living healthy through frequent exercise, eating clean food, and so many more.
can't we just steal her recipe, then?

  posing with my beautiful girls: sabrina, nana & yulia 

not exactly the right pose, but hey i tried!

now, let's talk more about the product itself.
since i get the chance to own one myself & review it, here's a capture of Ultimune 2.0 and how i see it:

can you spot the difference?
the left hand is using Ultimune 2.0 and does look shinier & smoother right?

here's what i really felt about the product:
1. the first feeling is rather cooling. it feels so good when it first touched my skin
2. its texture is really light & not cause to clot
3. it gives the brightening effect
4. and after a week usage, i really felt the difference.

my skin got so much brighter & lighter. 
sometimes, my usual skin care doesn't go well with my make up & makes it uneven. but then, Ultimune 2.0 suits well with my makeup and doesn't change the look.

love it, live it!



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