hi again!

hello world! how are you?

it's been like, um, ages since i last wrote here.
and i missed screaming my heart out through writing, so here i am.

a lot of things happened throughout the past year.
both good and bad, and things in-between.
feelings changed, situations changed, and basically, almost everything changed.

tracing back the past time i had back in melbourne, i sometimes wish my time would just stop there.
just right there.
when i used to believe that two kind of worlds exist.
when i could pronounce 'home' with a warm intonation.
and when i didn't have to worry much about the future 
(and exam was my only enemy).

i was one of the million of people who secretly wish to have a super power.
a power to control the time.
a power to control one's mind & heart.
a power to escape reality; without having consequences.
but, that's just one of the impossible bucket lists that will never be ticked, right?

never mind,
let's just create a new memory, shall we?



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