dear me; my fav lip cream in 2017

i'm gonna start with a big warning
this thing will get you very addictive
and it's like the hippest thing in town.

like seriously, it gets sold out pretty fast
and my folks are loving every bit of it

if you want to be part of it, stay tuned.

on this one beautiful morning, i had the chance to explore more about Indonesian-proudly-made new products called Dear Me.
you know, i've always been a fan of lipstick and they say, i've had too many.
but this one left me a very hard-to-forget impression.
here's to know why:

1. its texture is really-really creamy and solid, but not heavy in lips
any kind of matte lipstick is common to have a very heavy texture which leaves it cracky after a few hours. i thought this is gonna be the same.
what leaves me questioning is, how come it does not crack?
and its creamy texture is so lovable, and i felt like i did not put anything in my lips

2. its chocolate taste
when you put the lip cream on, you can sense a taste of chocolate tingling in the tip of your tounge.
i am a chocolate-lover, so i know for sure i'd love this thing forever

3. kiss-proof! and it's definitely long lasting
tried to kiss "my palm" (not other thing you imagined), and it didn't transfer.
also tried to put it on before eating and it didn't disappear.
it did fade a little, but will last for a 3-4 hours or so if you didn't eat again.
from my experience, it will be completely gone after 2 times eating (my occasion was: lunch & snack).

 Dear Me has 8 shades of colours, which are named with real names!
Dear Anna, Dear Julie, Dear Leya, Dear Kiki, Dear Jenny, Dear Maya, Dear Ella, dan Dear Jessica
and what's even more unique is, they have every personalities defined in each colour.
  • Dear Maya : Dear Beauties, I think every girl has their own dirty little secret, don't you think? My life is full of mystery, that I would never tell the world. And that's why they say, never judge a book by its cover.
  • Dear Leya : Dear Beauties, Is it weird to say that I love travelling? I love the smell of new city, let my mind ownder and wonder. Eating and trying different stuffs. What troubles can life bring to me seriously? 
  • Dear Kiki : Dear Beauties, Time is money. Work is my number one priorities. My mama told me to be an independent businesswoman, never rely on others.
  • Dear Ella : Dear Beauties, They say confident women are very attractive. Believe in yourself, put me on, you're  ready to rule the world. You go girlfriend.
  • Dear Jessica : Dear Beauties, Their sweet talk will never win me over. Because I know to play a lovegame better than them. Watch out boys, I'm a game changer.
  • Dear Julie : Dear Beauties, I'm your perfect companion to your girlfriend's afternoon tea party, baby shower, weddings. Yup, I agree every girl is a sweety pie.
  • Dear Anna : Dear Beauties, How long are you going to keep staring at him? You can do it, don't be shy. Together with me, we are gonna win his heart. Let's go girlfriend!
  • Dear Jenny : Dear Beauties, Why try to fit in? We are born as one of kind. I would rather people call me weird than normal, because normal is boring.

 it feels so personalized and makes me so attached to it

during the launching event itself, we had the chance to make our own lip balm which contains of natural ingredients!

 now let's moving on to the #ReviewAlaAla
let's see the real swatches!

Dear Anna,

this is more of a nude colour with a little statement of the creme-peach colour.
i really love how it sits perfectly in my lips.
the colour is really so safe to play with, i can wear it daily even to parties!


 Dear Leya,

Dear Leya has an orange-y feeling that excites you every morning!
the colour pops out nicely and gives you a really fresh look.
i'd prefer to have it when i am in the mood to clash bright colours :)


Dear Julie,

Dear Julie has a really similar look with Dear Anna. i was confused at first too. but when i get to know them quite personally, it's pretty easy to distinguish these two.
Julie was the more-shy kinda type. its colour is more calm & subtle.
it will look perfect on your first date, which expresses the excitement and shyness at the same time.

 these amazing folks can be purchased at SOCIOLLA  
for only Rp 89.900!

last time i heard they're sold out, but will be re-stock the next day.
hope it's up and ready for sale!

now now, tell me,
which colour is your favourite?



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