dove x sociolla: dove facial wash

on this one beautiful day (despite the very bad weather that keeps changing depending its mood), i had the chance to finally reveal this one friend to keep my face hydrated, moisturized, and of-course clean from jakarta's hell-a-polution!

calling "BRING BACK THE MOISTURE OF YOUR BEAUTIFUL SKIN DURING RAMADHAN" as its theme, Dove and Sociolla Beauty Journal hosted this friendly event with a bunch of pretty ladies who'd love to learn how to keep their faces shine during this holy season.
during the event, Dove and Sociolla also held a break-fasting dinner that tightens the bond of these bloggers.

there was a quick demo that shows how foamy and soft the texture of Dove facial wash is. it is amazing how bouncy, smooth & soft it can be. the foam lathers so well that the bubbles created is soooo tiny that it can cleanse thoroughly. 
oooh dear, i'd love to have it on my skin! 


 well, without any further ado, here comes the product!

so basically, they have 3 Dove varieties that suits different skin conditions. 

1. DOVE inner glow: gentle exfoliating facial cleanser

2. DOVE deep pure: oil control facial cleanser

3. DOVE beauty moisture: conditioning facial cleanser

 and i'd love to claim this as my favourite!
it contains small particles of scrub inside the foam. although it is not too rough, you can see the result afterwards. i can already tell that my dead-skin is removed.
holy moly!

and as i used the sort-of "whitening" solution from Dove, i can somehow tell how my face looks brighter and radiant while my too-tanned skin doesn't match. lol :')



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