the untold love story

he was there, standing tall and proud
looking sleek and fine
leaving me in awe
but if you look closely,
his hands were trembling;
could not stop fidgeting,
something was bothering him.

he waited for hours
so did i.
my curiosity was beyond one's imagination
i just couldn't stop wondering
"who is he waiting for?"
"could it be the love of his life?"
"what does she look like?"

he looked around, stopped, and sipped his coffee.
sometimes, his gaze went flying as he was thinking in his dream.
he was too absorbed with his happiness,
i could see his sneaking laughs in certain times.
i wanted to join in so badly,
never i saw a man's joy could look so attractive
and i fell in love
that instant.

another hour passed by,
she-or-whoever he was waiting for did not come
funny thing is, he did not; for once, checked his watch
nor checked his cellphone
to make sure the presence of the wanted personnel 
but i knew, he was eagerly waiting
for someone.

a voice came up from behind,
and the face was familiar
"i finally found you"
i still couldn't believe my eyes
and yet still question why did this person appear our of the blue
walking towards me,
and bravely held my hands
"you may not remember me, but i always do and will remember you"
it was him.
the person who used to sit across the cafe,
looking so confident in his black attire,
that i love during that moment.
"Jessica, the alzheimer might kill your memory of us. but i always thank God that you never forget this place. the place where we first met, the place where i took you out for our first date, the place where i asked you to be my wife, and the same place we said our vows. although you may not remember me, i've always loved how you sit beautifully next to this window, order your favourite latte with this white lily as your loyal companion. and here i am, just wanting to start over our long lost conversation, to start anew; although i need to do this everyday, i just want to meet you and get acquainted better. if you allow me to."
i did not remember him.
i did not recognise any of his words, any of his stories, i did not understand anything.
but, if everything he told was true,
and i did forget him,
then, i will just fall in love with him,
over and over again.

posing with my luvvvvvv,



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