i am blessed

there are times in this world where i felt so happy and extremely down.
but either way, i am always blessed.

i know, this post might sound too cheesy;
or too religious in a way.
but i just feel, i need to share this.
i have to.

if you are a friend of mine,
or at least knew my story;
you know what i've been through.
well, comparing to a million other people, my story might not be as painful as it seems,
or not as bliss as the others might have felt.
but, every story of mine makes an impact,
and they're just a reminder of 
how should i be grateful for this life.

life is short,
and we do not know where it ends.
either you will leave this world;
or God will come to this world and end it for you.
you don't know.
we don't know.
we can't predict the future.

but, we do know what's passed.
what have been going on with our own lives.
what happened and what is happening.
and everything that have been done,
are blessings.
the fact that i am breathing,
i am writing this post,
i am living;
is a pure bless.

 i believe that there is no coincidence
and everything happens for a reason.
although we can't see it at this very moment,
we are a part of God's big plan.
and as i grew older,
i felt that His plan is amazing.
if we see it in a bigger picture,
and connect all the puzzles,
our life is a piece of art;
that we need to be truly grateful for.



ravenlocks said…
Beautiful words <3 Thank you for sharing.

Your hair looks amazing btw. And I like your bag!

xo Azu

Mrs. Aa said…
in love with your words.. pretty and lovely words.. enjoy reading your post sartob <3

Mrs. Aa
Tiffany Wu said…
Thank you for sharing! just believe always His plan never fails .
You hair looks so stunning :D


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