makeup galore - L'oreal Paris Infallible Box

to mark the beginning of 2017, i am going to do a fun review with this awesome yet well-known brand aka L'oreal.

i think we need to agree that we all need long-lasting makeup. since we do a lot of activities (that may require us to sweat - like it or not thanks to our hot weather) it is undeniable that our makeup will fade accordingly.
and it sucks as hell!

i am just gonna thank L'oreal for saving me fighting this everyday problem.
having launched "L'oreal Paris Infallible Box" just saved my life!
so ladies, brace yourself!
today i'm going to show you the most innovative (yet very helpful) makeup in this century.
hail #timeproofmakeup!

so, having this box delivered to my house was a very exciting surprise.
come closer and let's have a look!

as i mentioned before, i will be reviewing the products through step by step,
bear with me will you?

so this is what my face looks like before makeup
pretty, isn't it?

u la la! thanks for choosing me L'oreal!

so what does this box contain?


it comes with two shades, number 220 sand and number 115 nude beige.

resists 5 signs of makeup meltdown with these #timeproof liquid foundation!
- no imperfection: perfect coverage
- no shine: even under humid hot weather
- no transfer: stays in place anytime, anywhere
- no dry out: supreme 10 hours hydration
- no mask effect: never caky, fake-proof

having ingredients like hydrating hyaluron will give continuous hydration just-applied finish for all day comfort!
as well as ultra long wear pigments that gives the ultimate coverage!

let's try it, then!

i used number 220 sand because it has a darker colour than the other one and has a similar colour to my base skin.
fyi, my hand's skin colour is slightly darker than my face; thus it looks so bright in the photo.

well, i tell you what!
i've been using L'oreal Infallible Pro-Matte before it has officially launched to Indonesia,
following many references from beauty bloggers around the world, i was convinced that this is a great product; and THEY ARE!
i am a very happy customer.

moving on,
as i prefer a tanned look for my makeup, i downgraded my face skin colour to match with my hand's (so this is it, you know my trick).
i am gonna use my old friend L'oreal Infallible Matte number 110 creme cafe, that i bought a year ago in USA
(i hope L'oreal will launch this colour in Indonesia. like, please?)
and blend it with number 220 sand to get the colour i want

so yeah, this is also one of my tricks.
it is sometimes hard to get the exact colour from one foundation.
i prefer blending two colours to get the colour that matches my skin.

dab dab dab
all over my face

and so, it's done!
putting foundation has a really great effect to my look.
i really love the matte-finish that doesn't shine under an extreme heat.
this is an honest recommendation,
you SHOULD definitely get one if you love the matte-finish and its long-wear / durable feature.


comes with three colours: 813 light clair, 814 medium moyen, 815 deep profound

1. a very make up designer product - convince in presenting the didactial contouring
2. a unique texture - provides an easy blendable contouring
3. a pack that stands out like a pro - matches the infallible quality

so i used 815 deep profound for contouring since it has the darkest shade out of the three that matches with my current foundation.

then i used 813 light clair for the highlighter.
i love the colour and it really defines the part that wants to be highlighted.

highlightin' my T-zone

don't forget to smile to blend 'em just right.

and TA-DA!!!
it blends perfectly!

you've seen how much i changed, righttttt?

left for contour and middle for highlight

then, after applying my eyebrows...
i am almost done!

looking flawless?
ooooooooh stop it, already :p


these fine lipsticks have high intensity, transfer-resistant colour, and stay put up to 24 hours!
its durability is proven right, though. i have tried to use it whole day and it ain't smudge even for a bit. 
one thing you have to put in mind that it comes with 2 sides: High Intensity Colour and Pro-Seal Balm
after applying the High Intensity Colour your lips will feel dry, wait for a while to let the colour pops and use Pro-Seal Balm afterwards.
it will help moisturising your lips (just don't use it too much or your lips will look all glossy) and lock the colour.

okay, let's try the first colour:

223 mesmerizing merlot

the High Intensity Colour

the Pro-Seal Balm

then goes my favourite shade!
201 everlasting caramel

going BOLD with 211 red infallible

other swatches:

221 berry chic

113 flamboyant flamingo

123 always almond


4 amazing shades that compliment the Pro Last 2 Step Lip including:
nude, red, rose, and brown



this final touch is to keep your makeup looking fresh even hours after application.
this lightweight, oil free-setting spray is to ensure that there should be no melting, fading or touch-up necessary.
amazing? of-course!

spray in X and T motion
and you are DONE!

it's quite a long talk, but i had fun!

don't you worry girls, you can take these products home!
you may go to sociolla website, click here or copy paste this link
that will take you directly to L'oreal Paris Infallible Box

have (LOTS OF) fun!

peace out,


stylefrontier said…
love the highlight / contour palette!
and you look gorgeous dear!

style frontier
You are stunning before and after!! You suited every lip colour, amazing!! Loved this :) x
Anonymous said…
Blognya bagus tolong follow blog saya ya saya baru
Anonymous said…
Blognya bagus tolong follow blog saya ya saya baru

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