Friday, January 20, 2017

all that jazz

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yeah, this is a major throwback to 2016 when my hair was feeling all that jazz.

i dont feel like talking so, please let the pictures do their job.


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

eyes that capture people's attention

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i was not that confident with my eyes,
that's a fact.

i do not have the same eye size and it was really disturbing.
since i was in elementary school, i started using glasses to hide my imperfection (well, my eyesight was bad too, of-course). but then, i started to embrace this weirdness and accept my flaw.

i still use glasses, though.
but at times, i use contact lense at certain events.
and to reduce people's attention with my unequal eyes, i'd use fake eyelashes to emphasize the look.
people couldn't be bothered anymore, as they were in awe with my fab-looking eyelashes (lol, that's a bit exaggerating)

introducing JOI Studio, to highlight natural beauty; they create beautiful and comfortable eyelashes that are socially and environmentally responsible.
they are exquisitely hand crafted from sterilized high quality natural hair! - their product excellence is what makes JOI Studio standout.

so, don't you worry girls! no matter your eye shape or your skin tone, JOI Studio offers something for everyone!

today, i got the chance to introduce you all their awesome products!

enhance your everyday look with natural lashes

what's so lovable about AUTHENTIC series is its natural look!
it will look perfect for most of eyes type - small eyes, large eyes, round & almond shaped eyes

perfect for special occasion or a night in town

i would say that, this series is your perfect companion for night events! it features full, naturally dramatic, flare and cat eye.
it looks perfect on large and deep set eyes.

bold eyelashes to create hypnotic eyes

if you want to stand out in a party, don't leave this friend behind.
be ready to hypnotize the crowd by using HYPNOTIC series!
they are bold, reusable, and comfortable creating voluminously long enchanting lashes.

now, let's try 'em out!

as i was planning to go somewhere fancy that night (but not feeling too dramatic), i chose MAGNETIC series to be my companion.

aye aye, let's see! 

my eyes look so tired, lazy, and soulless

what's so great about Joi Studio's products is its natural lashes, durability, and of-course, it comes with its friendly glue :)

my eyes look captivating and alive!
thank God!

putting some  colours on and...

i am so ready to go!

what's to love:
- their lashes are lightweight! i am not really a fan of eyelashes as they could be burdensome at times, but i can't feel its tingling yet annoying feel in the eyes
- they are reusable! so to those who are as stingy as me, this is totally cost-saving!
- its natural look is definitely my number one reason why would i rebuy this product!

if you are keen to have one or two packages with you, go to and purchase your favourite(s)!
or if you'd like to browse for more info, you may go to Joi Studio's instagram:

have fun!


Friday, January 6, 2017

movie review: LA LA LAND

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satu kata yang bisa mendefinisikan film ini: PECAH!
i've always loved musical movies, tapi kali ini gue bener-bener kasih standing applause for the whole thing - man, this movie offers you a whole package!
i mean, the music, the costume, the colours they used; semuanya berharmoni dan indah aja gitu.

the story
ga seperti film musical lainnya, LA LA LAND menyuguhkan cerita yang fresh, menarik dan ga ketebak! walaupun cukup klise, tapi the way they show it - kayak narik lo ke dalem film gitu.
i can feel what they felt in an enticing way.

the music
untuk musiknya sendiri, i would personally give them 10 out of 10
sebagai penikmat musik jazz, i enjoy every bit of soundtrack they pulled out in this movie.
although to be honest, suaranya Emma Stone & Ryan Gosling are not so special tapi melodinya kayak nempel aja gitu di kepala & it's so ... refreshing.

the dance
the dance moves are... so lovely! it's classic jazz with a mix of tap dance & semuanya di blend in jadi ciamik. i love deh pokoknya! my favourite dance part itu yang pas mereka lagi di bukit bintang (kok jadi jelek sih namanya). nih coba intip youtube dibawah deh, pasti kalo udah nonton you'd find this familiar.

the costume
i love how they played with fun colours in the whole movie.
gue ngerasa warna-warna baju para pemain di film ini are also telling me a story. warna-warna yang pop selalu bikin gue melek dan merasa pump up untuk terus keep in track sama what's going on with the movie.

the cinematography
JENIUS BRO! JENIUS! di first scene nya sendiri gue udah mau tepuk tangan saking kerennya. walaupun banyak dance-dance gila yang (keliatannya) acak-adul tapi alur pengambilan kameranya jenius banget! karena banyaknya one-take scene di film ini, gue sangat kagum sama teknik om direktur yang bisa menyampaikan message film ini dengan pengambilan yang luar biasa.

the ending of course ha ha ha. tapi, walaupun ga sesuai dengan impian gue - this twisted plot gave me chill dan buat gue menitikkan air mata :")
unpredicted movie is the type of movie i love sih. jadi, NO, I AIN'T HATIN' IT BRUH

Emma Stone's singing voice is not that pleasant to hear (well, at least for me). 
i am a fan of her and have always loved her acting; oh hell i do! tapi di film ini ada beberapa lagu yang gak cocok aja sama suaranya dia.

compared to previous musical movies i love like hairspray atau les miserables, this one gave a fresh romantic vibe yang bakalan sulit dilupain.
dari ceritanya sendiri sampai detail pengambilan gambar, warna & all that jazz - i like deh pokoknya!

i basically love everything about this movie!
dan i would definitely up for a next round! 
yang mau nonton film ini dan ga ada temen, call me up dan gue akan langsung temenin kalian! :)

now, let's put some of my #ootd to end this post