let the art speaks their mind

to be honest, i am not a real fan of art or any fancy exhibitions
i never remember the names of any popular artists or artworks.

but the fact that i am surrounded by great pieces of art, always makes me happy.
it feels like i am clouded with fairy tales and fantasy.
i believe that each one of the pieces tells one's story.
and everytime i see it, i've always drawn into it.
curiousity is what keeps me coming back for more.

i am now more than glad to know that art is being appreciated (at least, more respected) in indonesia.
this the chance where indonesian artists can break people's mindset that "art is not important"
they have more space to speak up, express their hearts, and maybe - make some cash (alright, let's be realistic on that).

so that being said, i hope you will love art more than you have and keep supporting indonesian artists (as simple as by coming to their exhibitions and not runing their artworks lol)



Staysya Dinka said…
I also realized that art and design are more respected now in Indonesia.
It's such a really good thing to know that especially when I consider that field for my future job :)


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