happy new year!

it's a new year, a new day, a new beginning, a new start, a new page; 
all in all, everything seems new.

i, myself want something new this year.
a new adventure, a new challenge, a new resolution.
to keep me in track, i'd just write down a few resolutions (or change) i would like to make for a better 2017.

1. healthier (and skinnier) me
i definitely need to control what i eat, like seriously.
i used to eat everything, everytime, and sometimes, uncontrollably.
in 2017, i promise to start exercising again - and do it simultaneously.
make "healthy life" a habit, a lifestyle that i need to keep.

2. save more
i must admit that i spent quite a lot in 2016. not just a lot, but almost taking up my whole saving.
in 2017, i need to learn to SAVE MORE and SPEND LESS (especially in impulse buying).

3. new job, please!
yes! this actually needs to be the top priority wish.
it might take a whole new post to elaborate, but to keep it simple; i just need to do what i love.
i need a new job that i can put my heart to.
a job that fits my passion.
a job that drives me forward.
a job that challenges me and burns my soul alive.

4. more variety in a day to remember
i feel like i've been writing the same shit this whole year and i feel like i needed a fresh start.
i'm not gonna change this blog layout or anything (or maybe i might change a bit - or many; we'll see later) but i will try to write something different. 
something that has more value.
well, i feel like my hobby to watch can be put into a good use. i might write a few review (honest ones) and see if that helps.
i will also post some of beauty reviews (something that i've been into lately) and a couple of other reviews (like cafes/coffee shop/travel) that might spices up this blog.

5. travel more
alright, this may contradicts with my resolution number 2 - and i'm not sure if it is achievable.
this is because i am planning to move to a new workplace and might not get a leave before one year.
but who cares? who knows that miracle may happen? 

6. be a better person
ordinary, of-course; but very hard to attain.

this list may grow along the way, but that should be all for now.
let's hope for the better year and i wish you all the best everyone!
God speed!

and cheers to this amazing guy who's been with me through up and down for the whole 2016.
i love you to the fullest! (and let's hope it lasts for a lifetime)

peace out,


Mrs. Aa said…
Happy New Year sartob <3

Mrs. Aa

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