Friday, December 30, 2016

happy new year!

11:30 PM 1
it's a new year, a new day, a new beginning, a new start, a new page; 
all in all, everything seems new.

i, myself want something new this year.
a new adventure, a new challenge, a new resolution.
to keep me in track, i'd just write down a few resolutions (or change) i would like to make for a better 2017.

1. healthier (and skinnier) me
i definitely need to control what i eat, like seriously.
i used to eat everything, everytime, and sometimes, uncontrollably.
in 2017, i promise to start exercising again - and do it simultaneously.
make "healthy life" a habit, a lifestyle that i need to keep.

2. save more
i must admit that i spent quite a lot in 2016. not just a lot, but almost taking up my whole saving.
in 2017, i need to learn to SAVE MORE and SPEND LESS (especially in impulse buying).

3. new job, please!
yes! this actually needs to be the top priority wish.
it might take a whole new post to elaborate, but to keep it simple; i just need to do what i love.
i need a new job that i can put my heart to.
a job that fits my passion.
a job that drives me forward.
a job that challenges me and burns my soul alive.

4. more variety in a day to remember
i feel like i've been writing the same shit this whole year and i feel like i needed a fresh start.
i'm not gonna change this blog layout or anything (or maybe i might change a bit - or many; we'll see later) but i will try to write something different. 
something that has more value.
well, i feel like my hobby to watch can be put into a good use. i might write a few review (honest ones) and see if that helps.
i will also post some of beauty reviews (something that i've been into lately) and a couple of other reviews (like cafes/coffee shop/travel) that might spices up this blog.

5. travel more
alright, this may contradicts with my resolution number 2 - and i'm not sure if it is achievable.
this is because i am planning to move to a new workplace and might not get a leave before one year.
but who cares? who knows that miracle may happen? 

6. be a better person
ordinary, of-course; but very hard to attain.

this list may grow along the way, but that should be all for now.
let's hope for the better year and i wish you all the best everyone!
God speed!

and cheers to this amazing guy who's been with me through up and down for the whole 2016.
i love you to the fullest! (and let's hope it lasts for a lifetime)

peace out,

Friday, December 23, 2016

maybelline bitten lips at sociolla

2:32 PM 3
just right before christmas starts, i had this lovely package from Sociolla x Maybelline.
knowing that i am a huge fan of lipsticks, i was luckily enough to experience the new products of Maybelline; MAYBELLINE BITTEN LIPS!

so, what is it really about?

having these three fabulous colours in one package, is something new (and what we really should be excited about!)
introducing the trend of ombre lips, this LIP FLUSH BITTEN LIP will provide you a glossy result with natural gradations.

well, if you are into korean drama (just like me) you will notice the trend of ombre lips is rising.
the fair-skinned actresses would look naturally beautiful with those tinted lips.
and this product is just the result of me getting envied - where fairy tale would come to reality!
i wish my lips would look more "kissable" in a way, lols

anyhow, using MAYBELLINE BITTEN LIPS is a win-win solution for those who wants to look fab & healthy at the same time. it contains SHEA BUER that will humidify your lips.
at the end, your lips will look more fresh and blushingly bright!

so, here comes the good news!
as this message may only applies to Indonesian residency, i'll go finish the post with Indonesian language.

ya ya ya, udah tergiur kan punya bibir seksi dan menawan ala Song Hye Kyo?
ga usah mimpi sis, dengan produk Maybelline Bitten Lips, kamu bisa dapetin ombre look dalam sekali pulas!

nah, untuk kamu yang pingin punya 4 warna varian lipstik kece ini,
bisa cus langsung ke Sociolla atau klik link ini - langsung deh kamu bisa belanja produk Maybelline Bitten Lips.

wait wait! ga sampai disitu girls! Sociolla juga lagi punya promo untuk setiap pembelian Maybelline Bitten Lips, kamu bakal ngedapetin diskon 30%!
dan setiap pembelian 3pcs, kamu bakal dapetin diskon 50%! yum yum!

sooooo, what are you waiting for? grab yours now only at Sociolla!


Thursday, December 22, 2016

let the art speaks their mind

11:56 AM 1
to be honest, i am not a real fan of art or any fancy exhibitions
i never remember the names of any popular artists or artworks.

but the fact that i am surrounded by great pieces of art, always makes me happy.
it feels like i am clouded with fairy tales and fantasy.
i believe that each one of the pieces tells one's story.
and everytime i see it, i've always drawn into it.
curiousity is what keeps me coming back for more.

i am now more than glad to know that art is being appreciated (at least, more respected) in indonesia.
this the chance where indonesian artists can break people's mindset that "art is not important"
they have more space to speak up, express their hearts, and maybe - make some cash (alright, let's be realistic on that).

so that being said, i hope you will love art more than you have and keep supporting indonesian artists (as simple as by coming to their exhibitions and not runing their artworks lol)