what will happen to us?

if we all humans live in peace, will there be heaven?
if we all humans live to fight, will there be hell?
there is white and then there is black
there are always two sides of a coin

good and bad, it is pretty easy to differentiate the two
since a kid, we are always taught to do good things in life,
but; grey areas always exist
and confuse us half-way.

life doesn't come with a manual book,
there is no clear guidance to which side is good and which is bad.
we then started to assume, we think and make judgement.
everything; then comes from our own mind, our calculation or even our illusion.
this is where things may gone wrong.

so, what will happen to the world,
when everyone thinks differently?
when everyone believes in different values?
when there is nothing that can unite us anymore?
what will happen to us, the humans?


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