my all time favourite love story

unrequited love; is my all-time favourite story.

i always find it magical when i learned that love could be so pure.
because, loving someone who doesn't love you back is not what the fairy tale offers.
and happy ending might not be an option.

to feel one-sided love,
staying true and loyal to it, 
but at the same time, wishing the person you love would return the favour;
it is not easy, my friend.
it's sad at times; but a given guilty pleasure as well.

let me confess you a thing.
i ... am in love with unrequited love.
it is confusing i know, but let me get it straight.

yes, my first ever love was unrequited for 4 years.
the next one then lasted for 6 years.
i am a pro. i get used to not receiving love back.
and once my love was returned whole-heartedly, i felt a very uncommon feeling.
not that i hate it, but it's just... unusual.

i am in a very steady, healthy relationship.
i love him, and i expect nothing more. it's enough.
but, you know, once a habit; it'll be hard gone.
having unrequited love was like running in my blood.
so, to put it short - i do miss the feeling.
i missed having unrequited love.

i do not like someone else other than him,
but, i like the feeling lingers in this heart. 
and in exchange, i would watch couples of movies / dramas that highlights the feeling
so that it would come back alive,
even though, for a very short time - at least, i can experience the most beautiful story.
the one love story, that is very real;
and soul-touching.


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