east coast bound - USA TRIP DAY ONE

yellow everybody!

sorry for the long hiatus,
i've been busy with things (*bullshit), i was hardly breathing.

i had so many projects to do in a month (4 projects to be exact) including one of my big time achievement - TROVE MARKET

anyhow, i won't be talking about trove right now since i pushed a little more backward to my USA trip.

honestly-speaking, i am not a fan of USA. 
never i thought i would actually step into the country; knowing how packed, dirty, expensive it is (judging from the movies i watched). i did not assume it was a bad place to stay or whatsoever, but; i never intended (nor even dream about it) to visit this oh-so-far-away country.

but, i got lucky.

so, here it is.


my east coast trip started in this city called GOSHEN

Goshen was so peaceful, quiet, but alluring at the same time.
i can feel the fresh air, i can hear the sound of birds chirping, i can become one with the nature.
this city was gold.
different from the abroad cities i've been; but in a good way.

i stayed at mom's friend's place which was too beautiful to describe.
it's vintage; sturdy, and authentic where the culture of Java & Indiana blended in nicely.
its residential area itself was pretty quiet; it's rare to see people hustling around.
they said, it is the place where pensioners spent the rest of their lives (peacefully).
oh, i figured.

*shamelessy posing in front of the place i was staying*

well, that should be all for now.

see ya soon!


Mrs. Aa said…
great look.. as always <3


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