Monday, October 10, 2016

rejuvenate yourself with skin surface habit

10:02 PM 2
so on this not-so-fine day, i just had another day at work.
since i do a lot of mobility work, i felt like i needed a break; and of-course, i need a quick refreshment.

while visiting a client in setiabudi one, i happened to passed by this place.
situated in between the hustling crowd of business-minders; this well-scented corner lures my soul.
i couldn't tell what secret lies behind this place at the first glance, but apparently it is the renown surface skin habit - your one stop solution to a good, youthful looking & healthy skin!

when i first entered the room, it had this homey feeling where i felt very welcome. the interior itself was not ordinary-looking; it gave you this instance relaxed ambience with monochromatic touch.
anyhow, i was told to try this machine out - to test the real age of my skin.
it's quite sad to hear that my skin's age was 5 years older than my real age (not telling how old i am, though). but knowing the consequence of not using sunblock regularly, i just nodded quietly.
i had a combination of oily and dry skin, as well as fine line and brown spots; said the doctor.
"you should try the hydraderm facial, it will help you to relax, cleanse, hydrate and mask your skin. not to mention, the treatment will exfoliate, infuse and perfect your skin. it is a complete package"

at first, i didn't really get it until i experienced this "dream combo".

this 75-minutes treatment started with a relaxing massage by Meiso Reflexology.
with half-mind flying somewhere else, they started the oxygen mask to clean and extract dead skin cells; so that my face will glow from within.
then, since there is no inflamed pimple that is ready to pop out, i had a comedo extraction only in the T-area and some parts that are flowing with blackheads.

this is where the real magic begins (or at least, that is what i thought). with the help of diamond microdermabrasion (let's welcome the dictionary of the unknown world) - it exfoliates the dead-cell skins with this special diamond, while injecting four serums that target specific concerns like: Hydration, Vitamin C, Clarity, and Brightening.
this treatment gave me a cool-like sensation and refreshing at the same time - which is the direct result of better blood circulation (by stimulating blood flow to the skin surface).

ending this treatment with a fine massage, i was sad to leave just yet.

after the whole treatment is done, i could really tell the difference.
before stepping my foot in this room, my face looked a bit dull with a lot of stress contained; but now, it is a whole new world.
i had a fuller, firmer, and of-course a brighter skin for you to envy.

i would really recommend these two friends for your first trial!
call for "dream combo" when you wanted to get the same experience as i did.
what even better is, by having this best seller combo - you will get Rp 175.000 cheaper than the individual package!

thank you surface skin habit!
thank you for reviving my dying skin! ;)

Setiabudi Building 2 L Suite #104
Jl. HR. Rasuna Said Kav 62
phone: 021-52907282


Friday, October 7, 2016

a bitter farewell

8:32 PM 0

from afar, we could tell;
she was a fine, classic lady 
walking down the aisle, pretending like she owns the limelight.
her steps were firm; intimidating by bits.
with no hesitation, she walked besides the groom.
she nodded in affirmation; where we assume, she agreed to whatever just happened.
she smiled bitterly, then looking passionately to the bride.

it was a very intense moment,
we could not predict what she is planning to do,
her hand was moving in a slow motion;
pursuing the bride's shaken hands.
"it's okay" she whispered.
"i was going to leave this world soon anyway. 
everyone, please, do not pity me. i am someone who will be gone soon.
be happy, be happy for them.
be happy."
her hoarse voice suddenly filled the room as she moved towards us.

as she got closer, we could finally tell.
she did not seem too fit.
her black dress was too loose for her posture.
her makeup was deceiving;
as tears start dropping down by her cheeks, 
her pale cheek was showing up.

she was... too sick.

"Sara, don't do this" the groom took a step and grasped her bony hand.
"i am here to bless you guys"
"you are not supposed to be here, at all!"
"why? should i go back to the empty tomb? are you going to bury me this time?"
"Sara! why are you doing this? you are the one who threw me away! i never had the chance to support you in anything; because you locked your door as if i were nothing important!"
"ya, i know. that is why i am here. i am not asking for your pity, your support, your prayer, nor your love. i am here to open the closed door you talked about. 
i am here to bless your new life, with her
"Sara, we are still best friends right?" the bride took a stand.
she slowly approached the heated scenery and with a forced smile.
"of course. that is why i trusted him with you."
"that's okay. i told you both. i am here to bless this marriage, 
so i'll be leaving in peace. i just want to see you both happy. that's all."

she then turned herself away from the couple and started dragging her legs towards the exit.
"farewell... everyone.
and remember, be happy."



Tuesday, October 4, 2016

east coast bound - USA TRIP DAY ONE

5:28 PM 3
yellow everybody!

sorry for the long hiatus,
i've been busy with things (*bullshit), i was hardly breathing.

i had so many projects to do in a month (4 projects to be exact) including one of my big time achievement - TROVE MARKET

anyhow, i won't be talking about trove right now since i pushed a little more backward to my USA trip.

honestly-speaking, i am not a fan of USA. 
never i thought i would actually step into the country; knowing how packed, dirty, expensive it is (judging from the movies i watched). i did not assume it was a bad place to stay or whatsoever, but; i never intended (nor even dream about it) to visit this oh-so-far-away country.

but, i got lucky.

so, here it is.


my east coast trip started in this city called GOSHEN

Goshen was so peaceful, quiet, but alluring at the same time.
i can feel the fresh air, i can hear the sound of birds chirping, i can become one with the nature.
this city was gold.
different from the abroad cities i've been; but in a good way.

i stayed at mom's friend's place which was too beautiful to describe.
it's vintage; sturdy, and authentic where the culture of Java & Indiana blended in nicely.
its residential area itself was pretty quiet; it's rare to see people hustling around.
they said, it is the place where pensioners spent the rest of their lives (peacefully).
oh, i figured.

*shamelessy posing in front of the place i was staying*

well, that should be all for now.

see ya soon!