miles and miles away

first of all, i just would like to apologize for not posting things in order.
it feels like a time loop, i know.

to make things clear, i'll put it this way:
1. black coloured hair is my initial colour. 
duh, like all the asians do.

2. i had a bleaching process and turned my hair into blonde-grey-ish
i am not sure if i will post 'em out since most of my pictures were accidentally deleted.

3. as the colour depleted, my hair turned even more yellow.

4. then coloured my hair a little bit with light brown with an ombre style. i made it myself though, so it doesn't look as good.

5. bored with the tangled long hair, i decided to chop 'em off and coloured it orange (as seen in my previous post)

alright, good luck processing them all :)

a couple months ago, we were invited by MILES for the grand launching of MILES APP
and t'was an awesome day!

have a surf yourself and see what miles is!

"Miles makes it easy for the curious, youthful, and energetic to discover local gigs, events, and venues. Tired of doing the same old thing? Our blog, magazine, and app will be your guide in creating new memories and friends."

miles is like a new friend who will guide you to take up a new adventure.
you might have been familiarised with social application / e-commerce / some sort which related to app and media. they are pretty much the same, but miles is somewhat special.

they are the insiders, the people who've known the city since birth and longing to share you a new way to explore. as for an example; i who live in jakarta and keen to live the bandung nightlife but has no friend to update with, miles is the right guy!
with miles we could tell what is the happening event, "it" hanging our place, new restaurant to try and live like the commoners. 

all in all, miles is a worth-to-try app to live the moment!



MichelleSanjaya said…
you look gorgeous <33

cheer, michelle ~
Sabrina M said…
gue baru sadar lo ganti nama udah ga badung lagi.. #sartobudahdewasa :p
Unknown said…
Love the dress
You look amazing

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