say goodbye to the haunt of baldness!

i'll start this post with a story to tell.

i haven't shared to you all that i changed my hair colour pretty dramastically.

unfortunately (thanks to my stupidity), i accidentally deleted the whole picture in my SD card which contains all of my ootd pictures.

i did cry a little.


but this picture might help you to get a brief image of my current hair.

yes, blonde.
sort of.

i did not regret having the extreme change of my hair colour,
but i also did not expect that i would face a lot of hair problems!

of course, my hair gets really REALLY dry, but the one problem i hated the most is my EXTREME HAIR LOSS! AAAAAAAAAKKKKKHHHH!

did i just hear ....... "welcome to the bald club?"

yes, this is the amount of hair loss EVERYTIME i comb my hair.
this is really getting in my nerves and i should find a solution asap or else.....
oh no i can't imagine!

so, a friend of mine - Vina Bahri (the queen of virgo)
suggested me to try this awesome hair products.
the famous "Rudy Hadisuwarno" made his own cosmetics!

the first product that i tried is 


a file is attached inside to get a brief insight on the cause of hair loss.
very informative, i would say. go have a read yourself :)

they look like midgets, i know.
but the benefit of these little friends are open-minding!

so this Hair Growth Serum is a new innovation by Rudy Hadisuwarno to overcome hair loss and helps stimulate hair growth.
it combines 3 active natural ingredients that block the formation of DHT:
1. sophora root extract -> helps to block the formation of DHT, which can cause hair loss and accelerates the growth of new hair

2. tripeptide complex and soybeans protein -> helps improve blood circulation in the hair roots area, strengthen hair structure, and block the formation of DHT

3. hydrolyzed sericin -> acts as a soothing agent to protect the scalp and keep it healthy

its clinical test result notifies that:
160% effectively stimulates hair growth in 2 weeks!
93% effectively overcomes hair loss in 1 week!

now, let's move to the basics!


yes, this shampoo is a friend to help treating hairloss and it also makes your hair shiny!

when i first tried this product, i instantly fell in love with the smell.
it does not have a flowery or girly smell like the usual shampoo.
it's authentic, i really don't know how to say it; but the smell of ginseng is quite strong and somehow, i love it!

after using this shampoo for around 2 weeks, to be honest i can't really measure the amount of my hair growth. i can't tell whether its gotten better or not.
but, it gave a significant change on the amount of hair loss.

i noticed that my hair loss is gradually decreasing, especially when i comb. because of my current hair colour, i can tell how much strands fell off and stuck in the comb.
also, when i tie my hair too strong, it usually pulls my hair out and this time, the amount is reducing!

i am a happy kid :)


i think it's pretty basic knowledge that the shampoo and conditioner are two partners that is inseparable. 

this conditioner gives hair loss treatment and keeps the hair smooth.

yes, to keep the hair smooth!
once i forgot to use the conditioner and used the shampoo alone,
although the strands of hair falling out from the comb is decreasing, my hair becomes dry.
so i would really suggest using this friend to keep your hair smooth after using the shampoo!

and the last but not the least

this hair tonic is the right friend to keep your hair strong!
although the size of the bottle is really big and not recommended for travelling, this hair tonic is free to use on your daily basis.

so, after using the shampoo - conditioner - then hair tonic;
let's say bye-bye to hair fall!

this is the result of Rudy Hadisuwarno cosmetics (for two weeks):

been reduced much, right?


so, thanks Rudy Hadisuwarno!



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