food and its ingredients

let's admit it,

we do take health for granted, right?

one's health is expensive, they said
as quoted from muhatma gandi;
"it is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver"
have you had in your mind, that we need to value our health? starting from now?

let's say we are going to the supermarket to get our favourite food;
do you or do you not check the ingredients to the food you're buying?

i bet most of you will say - na-ah -
don't worry, you are not alone. i am also a part of this majority group.

talking about ingredients, are you familiar with the term "collagen powder"?
oh well, i was never aware of it until i stumbled on this impromptu website.

thanks to D.C.P. Ingredients, i realised that there is a whole new world that circling around our food! and collagen powder is one of them.
as quoted from the website, DCP Ingredients has helped the consumers to increase the food quality and volume as they have certified with FSSC 22.000 (Food Safety System Certification) under the supervision of Dutch Veterinary Authorities. Collagen powder Kapro B95 is produced by D.C.P Ingredients that is located in Netherland; just specialising in producing protein collagen cow powder that is useful in the food industry.

there are different types of collagen powder which you can browse directly in here

if i may conclude; this unfamiliar ingredient is useful for increasing the quality and volume of processed meat. it is common to use for fat and water binder or a media to control fat and water in processed meat which can improve the quality of itself.

rrrkaaay, that is pretty new for me and ... i guess for most of you ;)
but i hope this information can broaden your knowledge!



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