plaza indonesia fashion week

on the last day of fashion week, i finally made an appearance.
honestly, it was the first time i landed on that event and was excited to see everything.

so here's a short recap for its awesome shows:


i've always loved Hunting Fields' fun and playful design!
and this is one of my favourite looks



i couldn't really take good shots because i got the back seat.
the show was SO CROWDED, and the queue was crazy.
even lots of actresses & renowned fashion influencers got stuck in the crowd and sweating like shit.

Patrick Owen never fails to amaze the audience by its edgy, strong-cut, and mysterious like that shows a certain charisma.
i am myself, not really a fan of his work; because minimalism is not really my thing
but i must say, he did a great job on his collection.
this time.

and at last,
shots of myself being so narcissistic in the middle of the mall.
oh well.



Kizzy Von Doll said…
You looked lovely x

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