get 'em white with Jakarta Smile

hi everyone!
after a long wait, here comes my second review on my teeth whitening service with Jakarta Smile!
so put your seatbelt on and let's ride!


so after getting my treatment for teeth scaling (check the review here or copy paste this link --> i am all ready to have my next treatment; which is TEETH WHITENING!

so the first step would be spreading this special blue paste around my gums.
this is to prevent my gum gets the whitening affect.
like, imagine, the whole mouth of mine becomes white .......
not a pretty view, isn't it?

before the whole whitening process starts, Dr. Gabriella (or let's call her Gaby from now on) reminded me that it will give me this funny pain along the process. the attack will be pretty sudden for 2 until 3 seconds then disappeared into thin air.
and to be honest, the feeling isn't pleasing.

after protecting the gum with the special paste, she gave me another blue liquid for the teeth themselves (can you spot them in above picture?). after that, this special laser is ready to shine on my lame teeth!

so, brace yourself!

the real process is about to start!

oops, don't forget to put on your cool sunnies to avoid the glare of the machine.
oh dear, i feel like tanning - for my teeth

to get the maximal result, above mentioned process should be done TWICE!
yes, after finishing the lasering for around 30 minutes; the doctor redo the process and i got my teeth blue-d twice! is this... avatar calling? lol

since it took quite a long time, the pain was doubled as well. 
it was just an "ouch" kind-of feeling; but it came so unexpected; it almost gave me a heart attack!
but, believe me; through all the pains - the result was worth it!
i was VERY SATISFIED with the result.
the pain was paid off, man!

but again,
beauty is pain, right?

so, after the whole process is done, it's time to compare the BEFORE and AFTER teeth colour!

(this is like the most exciting part!)

from C2 to A1! you can tell the difference right?

C2 was the colour tab that matched my previous teeth (refer to previous post) and A1 was the new colour!

to tell you the truth, this whole process of teeth whitening couldn't make your teeth as white as Edward Cullen (from Twilight)'s glowing skin in instant. but what i love the most is the result is so natural, with the right white colour! and somehow it just brightens my skin :)

overall, i am very berry happy with the result of both scaling and whitening from Jakarta Smile.
i felt really welcomed by the staffs - especially with Dr. Gaby. she shared a lot of insights, tips and tricks for teeth, the right treatment, until ... personal stuffs (*cough).
so, besides its amazing treatment; the service from the staffs were very professional!
two thumbs up!

hyped to smile with Jakarta Smile!

thank you heapssss!

for more information about Jakarta Smile; simply check out their website in or click here
or you can just visit or give them a call in below number ;)

have a good day everyone!



These always look really interesting to me, am glad you enjoyed it x

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