family time

i never, once, ever, put my parents' photos in this blog (as far as i remember); i wonder why.
but since i took this #ootd with them, i'll show the captured faces here.

this look is taking batik to the next level ; gothic
batik is really fun to play with, really
and i gave it a chance for a darker touch and it somehow works
or if you disagree...

that's okay too :')

so this is the man behind my camera...

he's just as narcissistic as i am.
no! he's waaaaay worse than me! seriously!

when we went to japan for our family getaway, he always take turns for taking pictures with me.
but the annoying part is, he always asked for more!
from this angle, that angle, this position, that location, this place, that far, this near... UGHHHH!!!!
so annoying!

the funny thing is he brought his own selfie stick; and what happened was... he took the picture by himself, thank God!

and for your information, he has successfully taken more than 200 selfies in his phone.
which did not include group photo or some sort.

duh! this man, really! 

and a glimpse of my mom



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