do you love your life?

the question is easy,

"do you love your life?"

no matter how much you hate your current job, your school mates, your annoying homeworks, your impatience parents, your cheating boyfriend; i know that you still value your life.

i understand that at times, we feel very unsatisfied with our current situations.
i, myself, need to admit that i do not love my life in so many ways.

i dislike my job.
working as a sales supervisor in a man-industry is not really something i look forward to.
however, putting the negativity asides; i do like my job!
the pay is good, the working-hour is really flexible, my co-workers are relatively nice and i do enjoy meeting people here and there (because that's what marketers do)

i was taught to be grateful; and that is the moment where i started valuing my life.
the way i perceive, respond, think, and assume things; those habits are slowly changing,
be positive; i silently encouraged myself.

however, just for the statement "i love myself" will not hush away all the harms surround me.
i can not guarantee i won't get sick, i will never be an accident, or i will lose my job permanently and i have no income to support my life.
you know, disaster may happen and instantly change our life.

everyone needs protection.
all of us.
and this is where insurance comes pretty handy.

so this one fine afternoon, i stumbled on and found this interesting section on the website. "ILOVELIFE"
i believe that astra life itself sounds very familiar for every one of us.
but, if i may quote from its website;
"Astra Life is s a life insurance products and services provide which brings together the very best if PT. Astra International Tbk, a national champion, and Aviva International Holdings Limited, a world class insurance provider."

they also mentioned their view that is very corelated with my view, which is;
these are our strength to help Indonesians to love life, and eventually reaching a better Indonesia. through Astra Life, we combine the best of worlds, Indonesia at Heart and a world class products and services. these are our strength to help Indonesians to have a peace of mind and build a prosperous future for themselves and a better Indonesia.
enjoy today, dare to dream and live the dream

and that convinces me enough to know that astra life is the real deal.

if you want to find more about the details, go to



Unknown said…
some times i feel the same way too
but keep fighting!!!

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