Saturday, April 30, 2016

tomorrow frightens her

11:21 PM 1
the cold wind blows as she started to swim in a deep thought

"where am i heading to?" she whispered in a resigned voice
"what am i going to do next?'

she was desperate to take a glimpse of her life's next episode
her curiousity drives her mad and insecurity kills her confidence.

without any belief that she will do well,
her doubt started to grow and destroy her, 
slowly but sure.

she can no longer see what is happening right in front of her eyes
getting too focused with the unseen future, she ignored the fact that she is living the moment
the current moment, the fact that she is breathing;
for now


her today's existence is never admitted
she thinks that she was born for tomorrow
but the hanging question always have left her in silence;
"what is tomorrow, again? who will i be tomorrow? what is the purpose of tomorrow?"

she lost her identity,
she lost her soul in the word "tomorrow"
she hates herself for whatever she is becoming "tomorrow"

then tomorrow becomes her enemy,
she wishes that tomorrow shall no longer come.
and as frighten as she could be, she ended her life
just to save her from meeting 

wore: unbranded batik vest, cotton ink white shirt, zara turquoise pants, charles & keith black heels

(and a special appearance by my bestie: Pingkan Palilingan)


Thursday, April 28, 2016

do you love your life?

5:22 PM 1

the question is easy,

"do you love your life?"

no matter how much you hate your current job, your school mates, your annoying homeworks, your impatience parents, your cheating boyfriend; i know that you still value your life.

i understand that at times, we feel very unsatisfied with our current situations.
i, myself, need to admit that i do not love my life in so many ways.

i dislike my job.
working as a sales supervisor in a man-industry is not really something i look forward to.
however, putting the negativity asides; i do like my job!
the pay is good, the working-hour is really flexible, my co-workers are relatively nice and i do enjoy meeting people here and there (because that's what marketers do)

i was taught to be grateful; and that is the moment where i started valuing my life.
the way i perceive, respond, think, and assume things; those habits are slowly changing,
be positive; i silently encouraged myself.

however, just for the statement "i love myself" will not hush away all the harms surround me.
i can not guarantee i won't get sick, i will never be an accident, or i will lose my job permanently and i have no income to support my life.
you know, disaster may happen and instantly change our life.

everyone needs protection.
all of us.
and this is where insurance comes pretty handy.

so this one fine afternoon, i stumbled on and found this interesting section on the website. "ILOVELIFE"
i believe that astra life itself sounds very familiar for every one of us.
but, if i may quote from its website;
"Astra Life is s a life insurance products and services provide which brings together the very best if PT. Astra International Tbk, a national champion, and Aviva International Holdings Limited, a world class insurance provider."

they also mentioned their view that is very corelated with my view, which is;
these are our strength to help Indonesians to love life, and eventually reaching a better Indonesia. through Astra Life, we combine the best of worlds, Indonesia at Heart and a world class products and services. these are our strength to help Indonesians to have a peace of mind and build a prosperous future for themselves and a better Indonesia.
enjoy today, dare to dream and live the dream

and that convinces me enough to know that astra life is the real deal.

if you want to find more about the details, go to


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

sociolla x vitacreme

9:38 AM 0
what a good morning to start with!
i got this pretty surprise right after opening my eyes and i definitely need to tell you all about these amazing box!

the iconic pink box has finally landed in my room and i am curious to look what's inside.
come and take a look!

featuring two products from vitacreme; each has its own benefit that stands out.
let's get through it one by one ;)

the first one would be Vitacreme B12 Day Cream Sun Protection

so, what is it really?
Vitacreme B12 Day Cream Sun SPF 30 +++ is anti-aging, antixidant, ultra moisturizing and waterproof. this innovative day cream is formulated with an ideal combination of vitamis (B5, C, 3 & B12 and UVA-UVB filter solar. wow!
with such an unique combination of active ingredients; your skin will stay well moisturized and be protected against the harmful effects of the sun.

thanks to the antioxidant action of the vitamin E, this beauty cream also helps to prevent premature skin, aging and wrinkles formation that caused by sunbeams.
this cream is ideal for everyday use; as it works to protect the skin from external agressions such as pollution. oh right, this comes very handy in Jakarta - the city of pollution, i would call - don't you agree?

its soothing and nourishing properties helps the skin to recover its firmness, softness, and elasticity.
oh, what else could i ask for?

click here to see the product

i find the texture of the cream is very soft and not too creamy.
it absorbs really quick and does not give the oily finish; so your foundation / powder wouldn't look too shiny afterwards.
its SPF 30+++ is also suitable for your daily wear, so i would recommend this friend to freshen up your morning(s); especially to protect your pretty face from the sunbeam.

if you are curious to try out the product, visit sociolla for more info or simply click here to direct you to the link.


moving over to the next product; still from Vitacreme

known as Vitacrreme B12 Lightening Day Cream, it has its own benefits that would convince you to get this product in hand.

- it is a non-greasy dark spot corrector for luminous skin
- it lightens skin or lip colour as wells as pigmentation marks and prevents their development. even out skin complexion and gives the skin a new luminosity.
- it is 100% safe and mild, paraben-free!
- for all skin types & all ages - and... made in Switzerland!

this pink cream caught my eyes at first and i didn't realise how useful it is until i finally tried it.
after a regular use; i found my dark complexions get a bit brighter and brighter.
as well as the colour of my lips which was darken because of too much chemical from various lipstics (no, no, not because i smoke lol)

if you want to try this out; visit sociolla to get one or just click here to direct you to the link

both of these products are really useful for your skin care and protection throughout the day.

grab them fast before it's too late!

happy shopping!


Sunday, April 24, 2016

family time

12:18 AM 0
i never, once, ever, put my parents' photos in this blog (as far as i remember); i wonder why.
but since i took this #ootd with them, i'll show the captured faces here.

this look is taking batik to the next level ; gothic
batik is really fun to play with, really
and i gave it a chance for a darker touch and it somehow works
or if you disagree...

that's okay too :')

so this is the man behind my camera...

he's just as narcissistic as i am.
no! he's waaaaay worse than me! seriously!

when we went to japan for our family getaway, he always take turns for taking pictures with me.
but the annoying part is, he always asked for more!
from this angle, that angle, this position, that location, this place, that far, this near... UGHHHH!!!!
so annoying!

the funny thing is he brought his own selfie stick; and what happened was... he took the picture by himself, thank God!

and for your information, he has successfully taken more than 200 selfies in his phone.
which did not include group photo or some sort.

duh! this man, really! 

and a glimpse of my mom