shut up or spread the good word

we were told to shut up
but our mouths never shut
once the word is out
it will never stop
it circles around and eventually extends to a certain level
to which the truth is no longer a truth
and we all will become a sinner

what are we, really?
we receive, perceive, process, and then deliver a message
but one's message has never been translated the same
by two or more characters

there is no control of our tounge and lips
we pout, slander, lie through this little part of our face
and the impact was great enough to kill one's mentality

but we never stop
until it happens ... to us.

it saddens me, whenever people start talking,
then gossiping,
and eventually ends up with bullying
to tell you the truth, i was that person
and probably still am

people judge, we all do
but it would be best if we keep the bad things by ourselves
unless, what we are about to say is for the better
to encourage, not to drop one's sanity

yes, i said this with a conscious mind
i think with a clear head
i reflect the things i did by heart
and it reminds me that 
we as human beings should not judge other people as we are all God's creation

and we all make choices

our choice, our preference, our favourite must not be the same
respect others as much as you wanted them to respect you

and again,
we are all sinners anyway

i am not writing this for a specific person nor a titled cause
i am just saying
just saying.

and i hope no one is offended
but reflect for a change, instead


*thanks to pingkan & bang john for the ah-ma-zing shots! i love you both ;)


MichelleSanjaya said…
looking lovely as always kak <33

cheer, michelle ~

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