Monday, March 14, 2016

lactacyd: white intimate


Lactacyd is a feminine hygiene specialist that women feel close to and trust.
they are dedicated to innovate intimating care products to support women at different stages of life, from all walks of life.


1. Lactacyd White Intimate is the only intimate hygiene care that is clinically proven to brighten up your V-friend in 4 weeks!

2. it is enriched with natural ingredients including plant based Actipone-B and marine based Algowhite

3. special formulation of natural milk lactoserum and lactic acid maintains pH balance of your V-friend

4. Lactacyd has been dermatologically tested safe to be used every day

"sweat and excessive friction from tight clothing can darken the skin around the intimate area, causing self-consciousness, decreased confidence or intimacy inhibition" said Dr. Ling from today's talkshow with Lactacyd.

that made me realised the real reason of my concern nowadays.
i like wearing tight pants or skirts to accentuate my lower body part, but because of my work that might requires a lot of movements, i forgot the importance of "space" for my V-friend (let's call her Vay-vay from now on); which leads to an ugly tan colour of her appearance.

"Lactacyd Whiten Intimate is the fist natural and safe whitening feminine wash, and is enriched with natural ingredients for maximum whitening effect" the doctor continued.

honestly, i was an user of Lactacyd before coming to the talkshow but i prevented using the other variants of Lactacyd other than the original one. i always thought that they are quite dangerous and not suitable due to various formula; that i don't understand - are all mixed in.

but during the talkshow, they mentioned that Lactacyd White Intimate has been tested clinically and it can help mantaining the pH balance of Vay-Vay to keep her healthy.
so, why not giving it a chance?

they had an ootd competition as well, which is uber exciting.
but i just decided not to join because i am a shy-shy cat person ;p

and so i decided to give Lactacyd White Intimate a chance, and here comes my honest opinion (and review!)

my simple reason of using Lactacyd White Intimate is because i felt extremely NOT confident when having my period.
i declined sitting close to a person and refused to sit on the floor during those times because (let's be honest) the smell is just not right!
instead of using ordinary soap, i started using Lactacyd White Intimate and it was refreshing :)
in instant, my worry goes away and i am pretty confident with the freshness of my Vay-vay

having to brighten our intimate are as Lactacyd White Intimate's advantage made me wonder its true power. my wish to wear bikini is no longer a wish! yeay!
i had problems with my dark skin. not the overall dark skin, but specifically in my V area. as mentioned above, i was the type to use tight pants around and ignored the fact that it may darken the skin of my intimate area. also, as i shaved the jungle down below; it reacts and became a whole dark pit of hell.
and so i never wanted to wear a bikini, although i've been wanting to wear one.

so, long story short,
after using this ah-ma-zing product twice a day in 4 weeks (and a beet-more days because i didn't exactly measure it by 20 days) it eventually turn my Vay-vay from a dark cave to the entrance of heaven (lol, i exaggerated a bit in here).
i couldn't really grab a snap to picture the difference (duh! of course) but it really improved.
it doesn't really turn into a shocking-bright colour, but it just didn't look "depress" anymore.
not just the outside look, but i personally felt more fresh & confident while using Lactacyd White Intimate.

when i have activities outside, i couldn't really wash my Vay-vay with soap or anything; but with this small pack Lactacyd or Lactacyd Feminine Wipes i am rest assured.

so, what else are you waiting for?

get your Lactacyd now!



ravenlocks said...

That blue lipstick is beautiful! Thanks for sharing this post.

xo Azu

Kizzy Von Doll said...

These like really great products, had never heard of them before. Love the lipstick on you, great shade!! xx

MichelleSanjaya said...

you look so pretty <33

cheer, michelle ~