but first, coffee

i was not a fan of coffee. 
and probably still am not.

but if i may have to re-phrase, i would call it, a friend.

however, back in melbourne - to the city where coffee hunters live.
where coffee is more costly than your water bottle.
and where the good brewers born,
i did not consume coffee in daily basis.
i did not try coffee places along the hipster road,
i put tons of sugar in my coffee to eventually depletes the taste of it,
and if i was desperate enough to wake myself up;
i would buy a $1 coffee in 7/11 just because i couldn't differentiate a thing
or i would just choose an energy drink that is way more effective, somehow.

surprisingly, when i returned to my homeland, 
the trendsetter indonesia,
i came to actually like coffee.
it gave me this sense of "life" whenever i found my eyes were about to close.

it gave me a lot of regrets too.
i regret losing the chance to try the oh-so-popular coffees back in melbourne.
but, i believe, our beans are way better, though.
or, um, probably.

so, what is your favourite coffee set?
latte? flat white? cappuccino - which pronounciation is pretty damn hard (at first)? or a strong one like espresso?

what team are you?
black or white?


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ravenlocks said…
I used to be a huuuge coffee addict. I loved the process of making it at home. Now, I can't even drink it! I'll stay up for two days straight if I do lol.

xo Azu


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