question and answer

we are constantly looking at a very - very uncertain future
hoping that our breath may last for million years
desire for more and more achievements, where greed is playing our sanity
and hunger for the knowledge of tomorrow,
to predict what lies ahead
and feed the insatiable curiosity about "the ending" that consumes our mind.

life is full of questions,
it never stops, it never will.
they drive our soul to be more actively involved with the world.
which will define our true intention
our goal, our dream... and basically, our life

nowadays, not as many humans wonder about the true meaning of life.
we - just somehow, stop asking.
ignorance has became the keyword - the highlight of every young generation's dictionary
where we start relying on doubt, lies, and anything that has no real value.
and no longer respect the truth.
we no longer question about anything anymore.
we accept things the way we receive them.
and that is where fatal misunderstanding takes place.

to conclude all this nonsense, i must say that,
in between, questions and answers might be the fundamental reasons to what you have become today.
a wrong question with the right answer, 
or vice versa.
or whatever explanation to the rootless question mark, turns to what we actually are.
what we believe in.
what we believe that is right,
and what seems wrong.
our own judgement, our thought, our invention.
just our own.
either way, as ambiguous it may seem, no one can really tell what is right and what is wrong.
and we decide on our own.
so it repeats.
our own judgement, our thought, our invention,
our own.

so, what is that one question that really bothers you?
something that tickles your heart?
believe it or not, once you are able to explore it
and find the answer yourself

that is when, you have discovered the true meaning of your life.

good luck!

and i appear to have no - BIG ZERO clue for the answer for my own question.



Ines Ariani said…
oooi tobbb dah lama ga ketemu kiteee, huahahhaa ayok jalan2, jungle land aja belum nih huhu, mau ukulelean bareng juga belum :(((((
MichelleSanjaya said…
the background looks lovely and your writings on every post sounded beautiful <33

cheer, michelle ~
So fantastic, loved the words/thoughts too :) xx

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