(a super late) white christmas celebration

one fine day,

my blogger bitches are planning to have a white christmas celebration,
so why not?

aren't you happy, my dear?

the venue team lol
my gurl Fhenny is doing a fine job, gents!
and she is single ;)

the gift-wrapping team

weerrrk hard ladies!

isn't the wrapping catchy enough?

the celebgram team - go and update, folks!

cheers to the whole peeps!

with special (& ofc, kind-hearted) sponsors:

la dulcet patisserie!

yuuuuumer :9


awesum decoration, broh!

so, when is our next meet-up?
*stay tuned*

more updates are available on my instagram:



This looks so wonderful :) x
MichelleSanjaya said…
looks fun <33

cheer, michelle ~ http://livedreammagic.blogspot.com/

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