a bad start

two thousand sixteen is crazy enough for me to start with.

it feels like i'm running towards something big, which i don't know what.

it feels like my world is about to crumble.

it feels like i am lost at words.

it feels suffocating sometimes. 
or honestly,
many times.

people's thinking can be so diverse and different.


one's decision can be made just by one judgment.

arguments then happen. 
and leads to fight.
then ends with death.

and i am waiting for my death to arrive.

no, i am not only talking about the death of one soul.

people's mental, including mine can also die.

the way we think change.

perspective then change.

belief may change.

and the old me... dies in misery.


let's start things fresh and anew,

with a good cup of coffee, shall we?



Sonya Thaniya said…
Kak sarrrr your outfit so gorgeous kak! love these phootos :)

Sonya Thaniya
A Little Color
Kindly read my fashion tips here :
Thankyou ^o^
MichelleSanjaya said…
gorgeous shots! <33

cheer, michelle ~ http://livedreammagic.blogspot.com/
Adeayu Hadijah said…
Your outfit is so cool Sara! And the place is so instagram-able bangeet. ♥

My Little Cream Button ♥
Lilium said…
So cool, very beautiful.

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