Wednesday, January 27, 2016

fashion in your eyes

4:08 PM 3
what is fashion for you?

i would say that it is partly - yet one of the most influential things in my life.
fashion may change my mood every single day.
it also changes as i grew older.
fashion understands my perspective and taste.
and it is basically revolving around my world.

if fashion was human, i would call her my best friend.
she knows how to dance along and cheer me up.
let me put it this way,
if i was sad or feeling blue, i would rather wear clothes that shows what my heart speaks.
black, blue, grey are my most favourite.
in contrary, if excitement contains my head, i would prefer happy and colourful outfit.
and it just... excites me even more!

each person, i believe, has their own favourite
(refer to whose collection are pretty awesome!)

the colourful,

the monochrome,

the layers,

the minimalist,

(photo courtesy:
and many many many others.

so tell me, what is fashion for you?
and what is your preference?

with Anita Putri

my hot diva, Lulut Marganingtyas

vintage top, unbranded sheer pants, pla style ballerina flats, hnm hat


Wednesday, January 20, 2016

a bad start

1:46 PM 4

two thousand sixteen is crazy enough for me to start with.

it feels like i'm running towards something big, which i don't know what.

it feels like my world is about to crumble.

it feels like i am lost at words.

it feels suffocating sometimes. 
or honestly,
many times.

people's thinking can be so diverse and different.


one's decision can be made just by one judgment.

arguments then happen. 
and leads to fight.
then ends with death.

and i am waiting for my death to arrive.

no, i am not only talking about the death of one soul.

people's mental, including mine can also die.

the way we think change.

perspective then change.

belief may change.

and the old me... dies in misery.


let's start things fresh and anew,

with a good cup of coffee, shall we?