hella busy

to be honest, i'm feeling very sad recently.
and exhausted.

my workload is extremely full and packed and it's so damn hard to catch a proper breath.
i have no time to rest since i still want to maintain my social life, like duh,
i don't want to get stuck with this thing called "job" - in the industry which i am not really passionate about.
in result, i lost my beauty sleep and get anxious every morning.
and get pretty moody everyday.

well, let's skip that and i'll post my last ootd session with Uge instead.

or not.


and a special appearance by Uge - the mastermind behind all of these pictures



Adeayu Hadijah said…
I'm feeling so exhausted too Sara :(
I am not really passionate with my current job too. I miss hanging out with my friends since I don't have much time these days. T_T
Hope everything better next year.

Love your outfit dear ♥

My Little Cream Button ♥

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