Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 is a good year

12:29 PM 6
2015 is ending real fast and there are so many things happened along the year.
there are happy moments and of course, there would be unhappy ones.
for me, it's been a rollercoaster ride. in a good way, i suppose.

there are some achievements as well as disappointments that gone through the time.
instead of mentioning the failure, pain, and all that negative vibe. let me spill some of the good things i experienced during the year of 2015.

1. i got a boyfriend!

lol. it sounds funny.
it is!
it feels surreal, even until now.
if you've read my late late late post, you recognised how i hate the word "love"
this disbelief of happy ending controls my mind and somehow ruined my love life.

i never believed that i would"fall in love"
but i had the experience to be in love with this guy and, i do hope it's not a temporary lust.

there are no certain future ahead, obviously.
i do not know where our love life will end.
but, i hope (and always pray) that we can grow stronger together.

2. i got a promotion!
other than blogging, i have another world i've been swimming in.
it's not a fancy place,
the opposite of fashion business.
and i would say, it's a man's world that requires great thinker and heavy workload.

i work in Fujitec (in case you're wondering)
it sells elevator and escalator (in case you want to know more)
and i work as the sales engineer (in case you... ugh, i know you wouldn't care anyway)

and i would explain no more about the details, but the work isn't as easy as i thought it would be. but it's not as hard what everyone thought it would be.

long story short, i got the chance to get a promotion as a team leader after 2 years working my ass off here. and it's a big deal!
it will become official on January, but i am already excited!

3. i got my home back!
no, don't get mistaken.
it's not that i live around homeless, but the "home" i'm talking about is the family that contains the house.
there were issues, problems, and conflicts back then, and we were still facing them in 2015. but the connection feels different and somehow, it's gotten better.

we (somehow) made it.

4. i travelled to loads of places and (i hope) there are more to come!

this year is the time where i got to travel to many places.
no no no, i don't mean to boast, but i am very excited to see the adventure side of me gets the chance to explore more in 2015.

i even travelled with my family to Japan without any tour guidance, then with my office to China, and my boyfriend to Bali & Jogja where our first love bloomed. then, i went to Medan with my cousins. and Bandung, and...
well, not that many i guess.
but it's by far, the most travelled year i've ever had.

wearing my awesum pair of glasses by POLETTE

well, how about you?
how's 2015 been treating you?

oh, and happy new year's eve, darlings!


Tuesday, December 29, 2015

mele kalikimaka

10:47 AM 2
Christmas time is here!
i am too excited to hear the word "holiday" but then... unfortunately, i will have no day off other than the public holiday itself. 
sucks to be me? YES

instead, let's hear my collaboration with cik liz (@lizelisabeth), the hippie goddess ; wishing you a MELE KALIKIMAKA! 
it is the Hawaiian way to say MERRY CHRISTMAS!

ENJOY, folks!


Thursday, December 17, 2015

get me an ice cream!

10:19 PM 4

"wooohoooo! i just got an ice cream :)
i am a happy kid!"

"oh no! it's melting down... should finish it fast!"

"oh, hold on! i need to strike a post for a picture before finishing this"

"well, nevermind, the picture won't turn out great anyway and i'm hungry as shit. let's just eat it anyway"


wore: zara yellow dress & silver shoes, furla bag, bought in japan socks, the rest is unbranded


Tuesday, December 15, 2015

hella busy

12:39 AM 2
to be honest, i'm feeling very sad recently.
and exhausted.

my workload is extremely full and packed and it's so damn hard to catch a proper breath.
i have no time to rest since i still want to maintain my social life, like duh,
i don't want to get stuck with this thing called "job" - in the industry which i am not really passionate about.
in result, i lost my beauty sleep and get anxious every morning.
and get pretty moody everyday.

well, let's skip that and i'll post my last ootd session with Uge instead.

or not.


and a special appearance by Uge - the mastermind behind all of these pictures


Tuesday, December 1, 2015


9:22 PM 2


NO NO NO NO NO NO :((((( 2015 is ending soon!

i love christmas. i love new year. i love any celebration during december but i hate the fact that another year is ending. and of course, i'm (we're) getting old and old and old and older.
it's exciting to encounter a new challenge every year, of course. but, it's undeniably worrying and scary every time i think that life is getting shorter each day. 

anyhow, i just want to say, happy 2015. 
it's getting closer to the end of it, so let's spend the rest of the days praying that 2016 will spare us a better story. and don't forget to have some fun while at it.

oh, and my mom's birthday is on december 23rd, so here's to celebrate the younger you!

*i wish i could say that to that annoying unwanted appearance back there