unrequited love, or so

what do you feel when you see the person you love,
... loves someone else?

i may have experienced unrequited love ages ago.
i've been there.
but i never thought that kind of feeling is so strong, that even if you picture it in a dream, it still hurts.
or just by watching a movie that has a similar scene, your tears start dropping crazily.

well, i haven't felt so despair about being left, really.
maybe because my feeling wasn't that deep to start with.
but, whenever i saw someone whose world started crushing down because of it,
i came to think again.
oh, was it that sad?
then my heart weakens and i can feel her/him position all over again.

and now i wonder,
why does it ache so much?
what makes your heart so painful when you can't grab your love?
what is the harm of having unrequited love?
it is indescribable, i know.
but these questions allow me to see the beauty of this kind of love.

you know, not every story will have a happy ending.
we may have watched fairy tales since born and believe they may all be coming true.
to see the main character always get her prince charming became every girl's criterion of love.
but, this is reality and things just roll differently.
sometimes, we are just not meant to be the main character.
maybe this is not the kind of happy ending we want.

but this is life, right?
we must live and go on with whatever shit we have in hand.

posing with le sister, gaby



Mrs. Aa said…
enjoy reading this post..

MichelleSanjaya said…
lovely shots <33

cheer, michelle ~ http://livedreammagic.blogspot.co.id/
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