the tenth month of the year

hi october!
it feels like yesterday since we last met.
like seriously, why does time fly so fast?

well, before running to new adventure ahead, let me rewind my memories for a while.
a couple weeks ago, i attended RIMOWA charity auction and here's a little preview.

my gorgeous girls (ariyani sukma & lulut marganingtyas)

"the" diva was being interviewed

and my turn is up!

naah, i can't really say much as i didn't attend the event thoroughly.
but, i wish i could steal one of the suitcases home!


wore: DANJYO HIYOJI skirt, unbranded black shirt, PRIBUMI batik clutch, ZARA boots


*psstttt, will be launching soon, folks! can't wait :)


MichelleSanjaya said…
you look so gorgeous in black <33

cheer, michelle ~

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