how do you live your life?

as the young blood rushes in,
to play is like an obligation.
to run and taste challenges & obstacles,
are part of the process of growing up.
i may have wandered here and there
leaving my footsteps around
and you may not see me settle down, just yet.

well, obviously, we are all getting older. 
but age is not just a matter of number.
to me, there are a lot to learn, risk, give, and take.
like the ol' man says; with age, comes wisdom.
but again, to live is a choice.
and how do you live your life, comes a preference.
how do you pick your favourite path,
is all up to you.

still taken by my gorgeous friend, uge!



MichelleSanjaya said…
was this taken at lot9 bintaro? :p
btw you look gorgeous as always <33

cheer, michelle ~
Unknown said…
love your shoes!!!
Ayu Damayanthi said…
True, age just the matter of number, the experiences that we've been trough are all the most important.

I love the cape anyway.

Anonymous said…
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