Friday, October 30, 2015

dress yourself up with cocomelody

5:24 PM 6
"she's getting married!"
"what? for fckin real?"
"yeah, i know right"
"next year, on feb!"

i was pretty shocked when a friend of mine sent me the news.
a playmate from high school of mine is getting maried next year.
it feels too soon, but it just hit me that i'm no that young anymore.

oh no, i am definitely not that young anymore.

speaking of wedding, you may have realised that i loved talking about it in my recent posts.
and it feels like not enough! i need to talk about it more!

just on this one fine day, i dropped by on this interesting website called cocomelody

for over 15 years, they have been an expert dress-maker in bridal profession!
how cool is that, huh?
cocomelody started up with wedding dresses and added more products on their way. they strive to provide outstanding quality without the costs of traditional bridal boutiques and with the ease of shopping from online retailers.

as this friend of mine is planning to have her wedding on bali, i definitely need to recommend her these amazing beach wedding dresses 
and i have locked my eyes on these dresses:


well, i suggest you ladies, if you are looking for 2016 wedding dresses you should totally check their website out!
and here's a little tips for you to choose the right dresses for the occassion *as quoted from cocomelody itself

1. look for beach wedding dresses with such light and airy fabrics as chiffon or organza which are able to show off your figure curves.
2. halter necklines lend a more casual, informal or casual dress that will amaze you.
3. you also may want to draw some attention on the length of the frock!
4. if you want to approach sea waves, long beach wedding dresses must be wet
5. choose the right wedding dress of high quality despite of low prices for your perfect beach wedding!

and this one is my favourite ever!

what's even greater, they are currently having this sale campaign and you could get these amazing dresses at reduced price!
oh goodness, i want my wedding now!

well, have fun!
and don't forget to invite me to your wedding ;)


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

unrequited love, or so

4:51 PM 4
what do you feel when you see the person you love,
... loves someone else?

i may have experienced unrequited love ages ago.
i've been there.
but i never thought that kind of feeling is so strong, that even if you picture it in a dream, it still hurts.
or just by watching a movie that has a similar scene, your tears start dropping crazily.

well, i haven't felt so despair about being left, really.
maybe because my feeling wasn't that deep to start with.
but, whenever i saw someone whose world started crushing down because of it,
i came to think again.
oh, was it that sad?
then my heart weakens and i can feel her/him position all over again.

and now i wonder,
why does it ache so much?
what makes your heart so painful when you can't grab your love?
what is the harm of having unrequited love?
it is indescribable, i know.
but these questions allow me to see the beauty of this kind of love.

you know, not every story will have a happy ending.
we may have watched fairy tales since born and believe they may all be coming true.
to see the main character always get her prince charming became every girl's criterion of love.
but, this is reality and things just roll differently.
sometimes, we are just not meant to be the main character.
maybe this is not the kind of happy ending we want.

but this is life, right?
we must live and go on with whatever shit we have in hand.

posing with le sister, gaby


Monday, October 26, 2015

Orori for your wedding needs

8:20 PM 2

“Oro” means gold in Italy and “Ri" is the acronym of the word ring.

Orori is the pioneer of online jewelry store in Indonesia from 2004. their main focus is to deliver wedding ring with high quality to their dear customers in Indonesia. with other varieties such as engangement ring, men ring, necklace, earring, bracelet and pendant, they spoil their customers with loads of options to pick. other than jewelry itself, Orori also offer jewelry's accessories such as their special box and cleaner.

at first, Orori has their own offline store located in several big malls in Jakarta. however, they realize that the growth of digital world is expanding vastly and people started to purchase things online to seek convenience. so, in 2012, Orori moved their offline store to online and run amazingly until this very moment.


to be the number one online jewelry store in Indonesia and spreading their wings to Southeast Asia.


they continue to build trust and credibility by improving its easiness and safety when transacting in Orori. 


1. they are the first and the only online jewelry store in Indonesia.
this will facilitate everyone who wants to buy their wedding ring with premium quality but has no time to run to the shop.

2. they have more than 20.000 SKU (stockkeeping unit)

3. feature Design My Own that is very innovative.
be your own designer for your own wedding!

4. 3D printer to make their jewelries

5. Orori also understand that one's wedding ring must be special and personally made.
thus, they provide Alphabet Pendant collection with 5 different fonts.

please move forward to see their mesmerizing products.

definitely on my watch for my soon-to-be wedding ring

that beautiful cross diamond pendant to be worn during wedding ceremony.
oh i'll be swoon :')

i heart you
love the heart-shaped diamond ring too much.

be bold, be gold bracelet

get them clean by this jewelry cleaner


Friday, October 9, 2015

how do you live your life?

2:21 PM 5

as the young blood rushes in,
to play is like an obligation.
to run and taste challenges & obstacles,
are part of the process of growing up.
i may have wandered here and there
leaving my footsteps around
and you may not see me settle down, just yet.

well, obviously, we are all getting older. 
but age is not just a matter of number.
to me, there are a lot to learn, risk, give, and take.
like the ol' man says; with age, comes wisdom.
but again, to live is a choice.
and how do you live your life, comes a preference.
how do you pick your favourite path,
is all up to you.

still taken by my gorgeous friend, uge!


Monday, October 5, 2015

the tenth month of the year

5:20 PM 2
hi october!
it feels like yesterday since we last met.
like seriously, why does time fly so fast?

well, before running to new adventure ahead, let me rewind my memories for a while.
a couple weeks ago, i attended RIMOWA charity auction and here's a little preview.

my gorgeous girls (ariyani sukma & lulut marganingtyas)

"the" diva was being interviewed

and my turn is up!

naah, i can't really say much as i didn't attend the event thoroughly.
but, i wish i could steal one of the suitcases home!


wore: DANJYO HIYOJI skirt, unbranded black shirt, PRIBUMI batik clutch, ZARA boots


*psstttt, will be launching soon, folks! can't wait :)