one's betrayal

(please do not take whatever written below to heart, 
this is purely fiction. 
and for fun)

this silence provokes my wrath in a stormy night.
i couldn't believe what happened.
what just happened in front of my very own eyes.

let's say, it was merely a lapse of concentration.
maybe, it wasn't true.
maybe, it was my hallucination.
or is it just my kind of denial?

maybe, i was too dumb to believe in fairytale
i thought, love does exist
at least, between us.

this vibration in my heart is sending a painful signal
a sharp wound kicking my pulse to its core
my breath is coming in short pants
my visual is fading away
my infatuation of you,
which used to be the best thing that has ever happened in my life,
is now killing me inside.

your betrayal is my worst nightmare
it destroyed my soul
crushed my world
and bury me beneath the tumult of emotion

and thank you,



mualliffachrozi said…
aduhhh makin ketjeh temenku iniiiiih:))
tempatnya juga oke bangettt saraa:)

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Mrs. Aa said…
stuju sama yang di atas..
kece parah..

Love your skirt, so cool :)) xx
MichelleSanjaya said…
cute and lovely look <33

cheer, michelle ~
Unknown said…
Kek biasalah, edak., you're stunning! Sukak kali aku percampuranya ini. Adoh pisangnya mao dong <3

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