it's time for landybridal

i am 22.
no longer a kid
no longer a teenager
no longer young
well, at least by age.

twenty two isn't a small number and recently i attended a lot of parties.
no, it's not sweet-seventeen parties i used to attend.
or even a graduation party!
it's a wedding, for goodness sake! :')

i've never planned my wedding this early, but at times i wish i can have my wedding as soon as possible. but hey, planning a wedding is never an easy task.
i watched a couple tv shows that spilled the story of 101 wedding, and damn, the process didn't look as pretty as i thought!

speaking of wedding, i stumbled on this great website called landybridal

not just offering amazing bride-to-be dresses, they shared loads of great tips such as how to add lace details on your wedding and i must say, their lace wedding dresses are totally adorable!

my favourites are:

well, if you are planning ahead and looking for wedding dress 2016, landybridal is a perfect place to hunt!

here are several reasons why you need to choose landybridal:

1. they're a leading wedding dress manufacturer and they have their own factory!
they also have been engaged in the wedding dress industry for more than 15 years.

2. they have many product lines such as bridal dresses, bridesmaid dress, flower girl dresses, etc. 

3. all of their products are quality guaranteed!

4. and of course, excellent customer service - where they will assist you in making your dream wedding gown come true!

pssst, don't forget to invite me to your wedding party, kay! 



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