i fear of change

there are things that i fear in life.

amongst many others;
i'm afraid if people change.
if feelings change.
or if circumstances force things to change.

yes, i'm afraid of changes.

i know, of course, that there're always both sides of the coin
change that leads to a better outcome
or change that is misleading which will make things worse.

but the clock never stops ticking
nor the world never stops rotating.
change is inevitable, but i, again, am afraid. 

one thing for sure,
i hope that neither of us won't change
what we have right now, may remain.
what we promised to keep, will stay safe.
and this story will last for eternity.

even if we change,
i hope it's for the good.



MichelleSanjaya said…
you look great as always <33

cheer, michelle ~ http://livedreammagic.blogspot.com/
Mrs. Aa said…
love your skirt

visit mine,
Miss Aa
Beautiful skirt and I love the pop of pink in the bag too :)) xx

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