he and my reality

i never thought for once, 
i could finally meet him
a guy who can make me laugh,
til all my problems ran so far away
and like the word sorrow is never invented

i never thought for once,
that i would actually feel what is like to love
or to be loved.
to care or to be cared about.
to not feel alone.
and to share.

i never thought for once,
i will fear losing someone so badly.
fear of making him disappointed.
fear of not giving the best.
and fear of his feeling to change.

and now, since i found him.
i just see the world differently,
in a better way, i suppose.
and taste millions other happiness
i haven't experienced in my life.

so tell me,
is this reality?
or a shit lovey-dovey imagination is ruining my mind?



Mrs. Aa said…
ihiyyy lg lovey dovey critanya si miss gorjes

visit mine,
Miss Aa
So cute!! Love is a crazy thing ;) x
MichelleSanjaya said…
deep words <33

cheer, michelle ~ http://livedreammagic.blogspot.com/
Adeayu Hadijah said…
Senyam senyum sendiri bacanyaa, I feel the same ^^ ♥

My Little Cream Button ♥

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