identity crisis

if i could stupidly invent happiness for not-so-happy situation, what would you call me?
a clown?
if i could do things which are not meant to be done by oneself, what would you call me?
a magician?
if i could patiently follow the uncertain path that leads nowhere, what would you call me?
a stalker?

it feels like i'm failing.
to every single thing i do, i'm judged by a stranger saying
"you're not good enough"
people keep labeling other people for their own perceptions,
and jealousy.
and i have no other option instead of gulping other's comments,
whether i like it or not.

nowadays, honesty has to face extinction
as i fear to be judged, i need to lie to myself
keeping my real identity hidden,
just to be (or at least feel) accepted to the society.

truth hurts.
isn't it?

but at least,
there are people who exist to understand my real self,
accept who i am,
be weird together

wore: fame agenda abstract assymetrical top, zara sky blue pants, vintage man shoes



Unknown said…
Jangan galau dong kakaa aku terima kamu apa adanya kok :*** Lucuuuuk as always!!
Mrs. Aa said…
eaaa galau jg nyak..
yuk mari qta dirikan geng galau kece..

visit mine,
Miss Aa
We all have these moments, you will come through yours...keep being yourself and never let anyone make you feel hidden away!! Love the trousers :) xx
MichelleSanjaya said…
aaaa~ i know how u feel there :')
well the society will judge you no matter what, so just be yourself <33

cheer, michelle ~

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