Saturday, March 14, 2015

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

the leftover

11:58 PM 3

i am beyond annoyed.
at times when i need someone to talk to, blah, no one is there.
and when i have a company, others started a fuss saying i'm too busy to hang with.
why is the timing never right?

not to mention, the bad experience i had in melbourne is repeating.
i become another "leftover" ready to be wasted.
as most of my (read: BEST) friends have already taken, i'm here.
all alone.

stuck in the same path,
all over again.

to be honest,
it's painful to see my friends moving on to a new stage of their life.
not that i'm unhappy to see them happy,
but, you know,
being left behind, is somewhat, sad.

and it's not that because i'm being a possessive bitch or whatsoever.
and it's not that i'm not trying hard enough to keep up with them.
but, it's just fate.
it seems like my time is just not...
ready, yet.

well then,
call me if you're free? :)

wore: zara outerwear, zalora tee, charles&keith white wedges, uniqlo fedora hat, minkpink glasses