because waiting is painful

i know you wouldn't come
but i somehow wish...
you would.
this consciousness told me to wake up
wake up to this unpleasant reality,
where you do not exist.
where your presence is no longer present.
and even the thought of you
has vanished within a sweet lullaby.

and i became a fool
who waits for nothing.
who hopes for a change that will not happen.
who slowly dies in misery.
but i do wish,
this memory remains alive
although, it starts fading away,
and i'm still wishing.
the you in my mind,
will forever be you who used to be mine.

wore: oline workrobe sweater, bought in melbourne gold dress (worn as skirt), retail therapy clogs 

ps. this post is intended to... NO ONE. seriously. i hope you don't get your imagination wild :)



Mrs. Aa said…
deeply in love with ur look, Sar.. as always <3

visit mine,
Miss Aa
mualliffachrozi said…
haiiiiii you you you, makin cakepppp, makin eksisss, ahhhhhh..sukses terus untuk Saraaaa, miss you so much deh ah:)

visit Style with Story • | instagram •
MichelleSanjaya said…
cutieee :D
adore your clogs <33

cheer, michelle ~
You look marvellous doll xx
Unknown said…
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