colder than ever

it's getting cold.
colder than ever.
and i miss your embrace.
even more. and more.

the time we spent was long gone.
disappear into thin air and no memories were saved.
because we once promised.
what happened there, will forever stay there.

and now i feel like crawling back to the past.
where there is no sorrow.
no tears.
no heartbreak.

laughing to what's not funny.
and speaking through our silent gaze.

so, hey dear winter.
i hope you end soon.
and stop leaving my soul trembling.
like a kid who's lost his way home.



Unknown said…
aah jarang liat sartob pake baju black on black
and it looks rad on you >.<
Mrs. Aa said…
looks like any color looks great on you. oh no, not great, perfect !!

visit mine,
Miss Aa
You look's getting colder here too :) xx
MichelleSanjaya said…
super cool! :D

cheer, michelle ~

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