Tuesday, April 29, 2014

confession of a shopaholic (not)

to be honest, i'm far from the description of a shopaholic.

i (try to) avoid impulse purchase and prefer a planned-out shopping day. it usually takes one whole day to satisfy this hunger. also, it's always better if i could hunt throughout different stores to indulge my passion. 

i love malls. i do. but sometimes, it doesn't have variety of shopping places i could go to. it's pretty rare to see a mall that fits million stores that offers amazing (read: my favourite) stuffs to dig in. this mindset then turned in a flip of a hand until i finally went to Grand Indonesia for shopping experience.

at first i thought, this mall is so huge & its interior is waaay too cool! i once thought i was visiting somewhere overseas because of its great view. well, Grand Indonesia is indeed the heaven of fashionista. i (or i believe i could refer to "we" in here) can find the hippest stores in Jakarta. divided in two areas which are East mall & West mall, Grand Indonesia provides us more options regarding our different preferences.

so this one day i planned out a shopping day at Grand Indonesia and let's follow my journey and peek on the greatness of fashion heaven!

Forever 21

one of my favourite stores out of all places.
what's so great is, it has two storeys that allows my lust of fashion goes crazy.

find your basics here, easy peasy
available in many colours too!

accessories madness, it has one big area for accessories.
i know you're excited.

since it's my first store on the list, i still have time & energy to take photos on its changing room

denim on denim! fyi, i'm taking the jacket home ;)

because floral is eternity

Cotton On

Cotton On is my all-time favourite store since i stayed in Melbourne. it's maybe one of the things i missed the most from Australia. however, after knowing the franchise's coming to Jakarta, i was so happy like a kid found her lost candy. and what's more amazing is that the price is NOT even slightly more expensive from the ones in Australia, at all. a pretty good deal, ey?

told ya! $30 for two? cheap as!


well, who doesn't know about H&M's biggest store in Indonesia that is located in Grand Indonesia, East Wing? i bet none.
spanning approximately 3,900 square meters, this store spoils me with its various collections. it actually does have the most complete collection for clothing, underwear and accessories for men, women, kinds & baby.
oh well, enough said.

monochrome is my current eyegasm

great value of money, don't you agree?

pick one. or all :)

i can't stop staring at this cute pug socks. will you be mine honeeyyy?


i've always adored the way Zara maintains its collections classy, neat & always trendy yet up to date. this time though, i specifically in love with the summer vibe; hyping the sense of colourful, playful & screaming fun that is being Zara's highlight of the month. 

stay classic with white & gold

pastel for candy lovers

striking neon! my life has been enlighten!

24/7 summer. indeed.

Pull and Bear

crop top, hot pants, and short sleeves are summer's best friends. i can easily find casual clothes for my everyday activities in Pull and Bear. i'm a fan of its simplicity and comfort. a true friend, i guess.

"trust me, i'm a lifeguard"

Urban Icon

reborn with a new concept, Urban Icon has officially became my top list shopping store. it has numerous great brands that varies from bags, wallets, to watches. i would definitely revisit the store as many times as i could because of its warm ambiance. i feel like being home (and how i wish i could own everything inside the store lol)

the preview night was a blast. i was glad i could witness such event. (details on next post, fellas!)

cute patterns, aren't they? SO me!

Liebeskind for the leather lovers

well, that's all for now.
thanks for going through my shopping adventure. i hope you enjoy the sightseeing and please do have one for yourself. thanks Grand Indonesia for making my life easier & for the non-stop fun shopping experience. 
what a fashion heaven, indeed!


Sunday, April 27, 2014

because i ain't a hipster

i ain't a hipster,
just a little bit anti-mainstream :)


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

liebeskind, where leather meets its heaven

hey hey you you!
i'm calling all leather lovers out there to peek on this amazing brand, Liebeskind

came all the way from Berlin to finally setting its foot in Jakarta; Liebeskind offers us various types of handbags, gadget sleeve, and bracelets with naturally treated leather and innovative design. 
literally translated as "lovechild", Liebeskind is well known for its buttery soft leather handbags and accessories.

 under Urban Icon, Liebeskind will set up an open store concept in Plaza Indonesia which is open to public from April 17, 2014. it will feature Spring Summer collections that is filled with beautiful handcrafted leather in neutral colour and dark hued nylon for its larger and medium size handbags. while clutches are adorned with metallic and exotic skin accent like copper and silver. not to mention its wallets and bracelets are set in mix of grey scale and trendy jewel tone.

so don't you wait any longer! visit the store and experience Liebeskind's adventure in your style :) 

the crowd - on its opening day

 the hater (except Lulut)


 the smiling club 

 little treat for our tummy at Pizza Ebira and #ootd session that can't be missed!

wore: the executives leopard dress (worn as outer), LV drawstring bag, topshop pink long skirt, local brand shoes, factorie florence the machine tank top, diy rings 

with my monochrome babe, Ayin

 the coolest gal in (London) town, Nisa

going crazy with (who-happens-to-be-my-Melbourne-pal), Amel