unrequited love, you say?

how funny it is when an unrequited love can last for years
although it is clear that he doesn't reply back your love, the feeling still lingers
how you wish he'll look at you
how you wish he'll hold your hands tightly
and how you wish he'll be yours. forever.

wore: DOTTI army jacket & gold skirt, MANNEQUIN PLASTIC tank, KATE SPADE bag, BOUGHT IN HK red bowler hat

 i hope it soon will be memories
and the feeling vanished as the clock ticks midnight
so it's time to bid him a farewell
and so does the one-sided love



Mara Almeida said…
Absolutely love this look! That skirt is gorgeous! Looking lovely x

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Sonya Thaniya said…
lovee you as always kak saaaaarrr, syukaa skirt nya keceeh ^^

MichelleSanjaya said…
cool shots! <33

cheer, michelle
You look amazing!! I remember this kind of love...I am married now, but there was a boy that I loved in highschool for many years, we were friends, but he knew I liked him. It was only as adults that he realised I was serious and that he was an idiot then, hahaha!! Boys are not very bright sometimes!!But, it's ok because I have my husband and he is much better :))))) xx
Graciella said…
so cool!


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