oh dear, sun

watch out for the sun, folks!
well, December is coming and based on Indonesia's inconsistent yet unpredictable season, we're "supposedly" reaching the rainy season. 
sort of.
actually, it's supposed to start earlier.

oh whatever.
i still can feel the heat and the sun's striking just fine every morning. 
well, i shall put on my sunnies, then?

before that, i would love to introduce you my most favourite glasses online shop named POLETTE
Polette is a French brand, released in 2012 French, however, it's finally setting its foot in Jakarta! and shopping its eyewear will be as easy as counting one, two, three.

it's fascinating to actually own a pair of prescription lenses/awesome sunglasses through a click away.
everything gets pretty practical nowadays, huh?

they have serious range of frames which i love so much!
they design prescription and non-prescription glasses as a new essential accessory to shine through our daily outfits. 
and from sober to eccentric designs, i would just steal each one of them if i could :p

they have the best customer service, i guarantee.
pretty affordable too
and, awesome quality!

i firstly thought the frame would be fragile & easy to break, but apparently, i guessed wrong!
not only it's stylish, its material is also pretty promising.

so, what are you waiting for?
grab this amazing deal from Polette asap!
click here to see its direct website :)



Mrs. Aa said…
fan of your looks *smooch*

visit mine,
Miss Aa
Dyn said…
Those specs look super cool!

Fahad Scale said…
Polette is my fav too!
kece abis deh Sartob!
aw aw jangan diculik plis outfit JFW ku :p
itu jaket nya dari temenku yang ketemu diluar pas abis show JFW hari terakhir

anyway, suka juga deh sama set tempatnya
rasanya pengen ke lokasi itu buat foto2 di background tembok corat coret pilox *curhat*


Mr. Rebel in Town
Those glasses are super cute, you look great!! Rainy season, oh dear!! I hope it stays away as long as possible :) xx
aduh cantik amat kakkkkk <3

Rizuna Swon said…
duh kaaaak, style-nya epic banget aku paling sukaaak <3
MichelleSanjaya said…
lovely shots! <33

cheer, michelle

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