Heavenly Blush for Urocks UFM Jakarta Fashion Week

talking about Jakarta Fashion Week, it's common knowledge that it's one of the hippest events for fashionistas in Indonesia, especially Jakarta.
residing in Senayan City, fashion lovers are entertained with various style shown through fun fashion shows.

feeling excited to watch the first day of JFW 2015, i was too keen to watch 94.7UFM Jakarta -URocks which has loads to offer in one show!

at first, i was mesmerised with the enthusiasm fashion lovers have to attend this show & apparently the collaboration between Heavenly BlushWRP , and Bow by Billy Tjong was indeed amazing.

here's a little sneak peek for ya.

Bow by Billy Tjong
the dresses are inspired from Heavenly Blush's three flavours which are about to be shown below

basic white with a splash of playful colours.
i'm in love!

a great performance by Lala Karmela

yes, a round of applause, please?

moving on to the products of Heavenly Blush; if you feel like having yoghurt to go, this is perfect for ya!

three amazing flavours to indulge your tastebuds!
blackcurrant, peach & strawberry are definitely the top three flavours i would like to consume :9

although the all three flavours were nice, i must say strawberry is still my most fav.
it's not too sweet nor sour & i can tell its sweetness came from its natural ingredient (aka the strawberry itself), which i agree with the saying "less sugar".

with the highlight of hi-calcium, low fat, less sugar & source of fiber.
what more can you ask?

before finishing this post, let me spill you the advantage of consuming high calcium yoghurt for us, active ladies (oh, finally my blog is at least teaching you something smart!)

well, calcium is one of the most important minerals for the human body as it helps to form & maintain healthy teeth & bones. it may as well preventing osteoporosis.
it also helps our body with:
1. building strong bones & teeth
2. clotting blood
3. sending & receiving nerve signals
4. squeezing & relaxing muscles
5. releasing hormones & other chemicals
6. keeping a normal heartbeat

let's be honest with ourselves, have we treated our body fairly?
open up your schedule list & your "diet" menu. are they balanced?

by keeping your calcium at its proper level, you should be doing fine with your hectic schedule.
and Heavenly Blush's Yogurt will be a helpful companion to your daily activities.

click here for more info (Heavenly Blush's official website)
or check out their facebook & twitter - @heavenlyblush



psst, this needs to be posted as well!

me and the bloggers after the show :)



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