chilly morn' - EricDress

baby, it's cold outside!
the song i posted above is perfectly explaining today's weather in Jakarta.
not that i hate the rainy season, it's just getting colder than the usual.
i do love the rain. i love the sound it makes. 
and the gloominess feel which swoons my heart away.
despite its goodness, i myself ain't a fan of cold weather. 
yes, i get cold easily & i hate it, simply because i have no one to be embraced with (LOL)

thus, while browsing for nice outerwear to buy, i stumbled on this website, EricDress
what's even better is they currently have this Cyber Monday Sales which exposed a lot of great deals.

here are some of my picks, (would you give me one, perhaps? ;p)

its leather material gives a very luxurious feel for this coat.
fashion forward, indeed!

let's get furry... and warm :)

pretty chic and simple for daily wear, agree?

i LOVE the combination of these two colours!

cape + fur = perfect!

instead of outerwear, EricDress also owns other cool stuffs to look at, such as:

well, i should be able to pass this rainy season finely, right?



Wynne Prasetyo said…
i don't think i fancy rainy season as much as other people do. i do like the sound and the chill but only when I'm already tucked in bed for a night sleep or a night. i don't like rain during the day because it washes my work mood away and makes me unproductive. hahahaha. perhaps i would like rainy season more if we could more casually wear those coats in Jakarta, rainy season would be so fabulous.
Love your choices, it is getting colder out here too. I don't mind cold, I just don't like when it rains too much as I never want to go anywhere, just sit and watch it. Hope your week is going well so far xx
Unknown said…
These are some pretty cute coats!
angkisland said…

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